Biden is Coming For Your Gas Stoves and Furnaces

The Biden White House is now coming for our gas stoves and furnaces in a brand new environmentalist crackdown that will ban about half of these types of devices, a report reveals.

Up to 60% of Furnaces Will Be Banned

The Biden administration is about to finalize its new regulations that would limit the types of gas-powered stoves and furnaces Americans would be able to buy. The new rules will affected between 40% and 60% of devices currently sold on the market, Fox News reports.

The report quotes experts as pointing out that regulations, which were proposed by the Energy Department in June 2022, would spike prices and limit consumer options, while producing little impact for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As Biden’s new rules on gas-powered devices are expected over the next few weeks, it is noted that over the 50% of households nationwide rely on gas furnaces for space heating.

Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Ben Lieberman commented the new policy of the Biden administration is a classic case in which one size “doesn’t fit all.”

He stressed that every single home is different. People are entitled to having a wide range of choices for their circumstances. The expert noted the new efficiency standard would practically prohibit non-condensing furnaces, leaving condensing ones as the only option.

‘Extremely Cost Prohibitive’

Lieberman agreed while the latter might be more efficient, they are also more expensive. Some homes that are incompatible with condensing furnaces would face substantial problems.

The new Energy Department rules will mandate furnaces should have a 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency by 2029, up from the present standard of 80%. Thus, in six years, producers would be allowed to sell only that type of gas furnace.

As a result of the new policy, consumers who see themselves forced to shift to a condensing furnace will be burdened with “hefty installation costs,” Fox comments.

According to American Gas Association vice president Richard Meyer, certain “really technical reasons” mean the new regulations are a matter of concern.

He emphasized those were connected with consumers’ ability to comply with these new efficiency standards. People who might need extra retrofits for their homes will be faced with “extremely cost prohibitive” situations.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.