Biden Issues Free Smartphones to Illegal Aliens as Title 42 Expires

President Joe Biden ended Title 42, a provision implemented in March 2020 by the Trump administration, to curb illegal migration, limiting the spread of pathogens during a pandemic.

The End of Title 42

Upon expiration, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol agencies began a system of catch and release.

This allows illegal aliens into the US, even providing smartphones to track their locations as part of the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program while waiting for their court date. 

Chief Raul Ortiz, in a memo on Wednesday, said Border Patrol cannot be expected to process the overwhelming amount of migrants correctly.

Migrants who are admitted will be given a 60-day stay. They are supposed to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a Notice to Appear. 

Biden’s administration previously began the costly initiative last year, with over $360,000 in American taxpayer money poured into Biden’s smartphone program per day. The phones allotted to migrants cannot make calls nor search the internet. 

Migrants will be permitted an interview with ICE to determine if the departure from their nation of origin has a credible cause. Details are entirely left up to the officer. Tae Jonson, ICE’s acting director, admitted the agency has no record of where they came from.

What We Know Now

It is unknown just how many migrants will stream over the southern border. Senator Ron Johnson estimated the current illegal population is greater than 28 states that have less than five million in population.  

Jonson noted in the last two years, four and five million people have crossed the border and “probably don’t qualify for asylum” in the US. This additionally supersedes American births.

Jonson has called on Alejandro Mayorkas to resign. 

The influx of migrants has contributed to the US labor market with a surplus of foreign workers, leaving native-born Americans out of the equation for employment opportunities.  

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.