Biden Just Expanded US to 54 States in Latest Senility Gaffe

(Social media video snapshot)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden scored another hit gaffe by declaring the United States of America has 54 states – rather than 50 states and one federal district.

This led to a social media outburst over his seeming senility.

Democrats Just ‘Went to 54 States’

Biden, who will be turning 80 in less than a month, just caused a social media explosion by talking about election campaigning in “54 states.”

Biden’s 54-state blunder came on Friday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was campaigning in favor of a local Democrat candidate for the US Senate, John Fetterman.

In the November 8 midterms, Fetterman is pitted against Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.

Not unlike Sleepy Joe, Fetterman faces questions about his own cognitive health after he suffered a stroke in the spring and slurred his speech in recent public appearances.

During his speech, Biden claimed his administration prevented pharmaceutical companies from hiking medication prices and improved healthcare.

“We went to 54 states,” Empty Shelves Joe said, referring to Democratic efforts in 2018 to defend the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

He then argued the Affordable Care Act was “the only reason” people with pre-existing conditions “can get healthcare.”

(Wikipedia map of US overseas territories)

Where Did He Get That Number?

While Biden’s “54 states” gaffe caused a social media storm of ridicule, it also left many wondering and trying to guess some sort of logic behind the president’s mistake.

Such commentaries have turned to US overseas territories – never mind those of them that are represented in the United States Congress only have non-voting representatives.

While the United States has five major overseas territories – Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands, adding those to the 50 states makes 55, not 54.

Although the total number of US overseas territories – 14 – doesn’t help Biden’s equation, either, as it makes 64, not 54.

It is possible that Biden’s mind may have been subconsciously focusing on the long-standing desire of the Democrat Party to admit or craft several more states.

If Democrats managed to do this, these extra states would be left-voting, thus handing the Democrats default victories for all eternity.

Even so, however, the Democrats’ most realistic prospects – though still a very far cry from reality – are to hope for the District of Columbia and/or Puerto Rico to become states at some point.

Such a highly unlikely development would see the union have a total of 52 states, rather than 54, which is the number hovering inside Empty Shelves Joe’s mind.

In other spectacular recent gaffes, Biden mistook the name of Britain’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, renaming him as Rashee Sanook.

Later on, during an MSNBC interview, Joe Biden struggled to say whether his caretaker-in-chief, Jill, supported his intention to run for reelection in 2024.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.