Biden Moves to Restart Building of Trump’s Border Wall For Illegals’ Sake

In a bizarre twist of fate, Joe Biden is going to resume the partial construction of the wall on the US-Mexican border.

This was started by President Trump and stopped by Sleepy Joe on his first day in office for no rational reason whatsoever.

More of Trump’s Border Wall Will Be Built Soon

In the 1.5 years in which Biden has been in the White House, the United States has seen mayhem from illegal immigration.

According to Customs and Border Patrol data, more than three million illegals have arrived and more than one million have just been released freely inside the United States.

There are also an estimated one million gotaways who weren’t even intercepted or detained at the border, but managed to sneak into America fully undetected.

Against that backdrop, on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security announced its plans to finish certain sections of the border wall initiated by President Trump in order to “fill in” some “gaps.”

According to DHS, four missing sections of the border wall will be completed, including parts near Yuma, Arizona, and the Morelos Dam of the Colorado River, where a five-year-old migrant child drowned earlier this year.

The restarting of the wall building is going to happen regardless of Biden’s campaign promise to never construct “another foot” of the structure championed by Trump.

Biden Cleaning Up Border Mess?

While the DHS announcement made it clear the Biden administration is going to finish up some sections of the US border wall, it is unlikely to stop importing illegal immigrants by the millions.

Yet, it would still advance the construction, which could eventually prove helpful for the faster completion of the entire wall from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast on the Gulf of Mexico.

Nevertheless, the White House seems to be adamantly denying that it would work on completing the border wall, not the actual construction, but the fact this is meant to contribute towards the wall’s completion.

Speaking on Friday before reporters, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, declared forcefully “we’re not finishing the wall,” but instead, “we’re cleaning up the mess,” which in her words was “left behind” by the Trump administration.

It remained unclear as to whether the “mess” she was referring to is the ongoing exodus of third world illegals to the United States, which has been aided and abetted by the Biden administration.

Biden’s press secretary refused to offer an answer when she was asked by Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy about some Democratic figures describing the wall to defend the borders of the United States as “racist.”

As she kept insisting that Biden is not actually “finishing the wall,” Jean-Pierre also emphasized that a “border wall” signifies an “ineffective use of taxpayer dollars.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.