Biden Omits Free Holidays From Annual Financial Report

There is a continuing political dispute over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ failure to disclose free travel from an entrepreneur.

Interestingly enough, President Biden, this week, did not report free holidays at the residences of entrepreneurs on his yearly financial information form, hence drawing criticism from ethicists and Republicans.

Biden is Dishonest

Throughout the time frame under review for the previous year, Biden took three beach vacations at the mansions of the affluent, as well as politically associated proprietors.

Biden is believed not to have compensated the proprietor in two of the cases; the president might have also failed to do so in the third.

Specialists in ethics say free holiday home stays must be showed if the property owner is absent, as it seems they weren’t.

That’s according to Walter Shaub, the former director of the Obama administration’s Office of Government Ethics, and Richard Painter, a prominent ethics attorney in the George W. Bush White House.

This is due to a “personal hospitality” exemption wouldn’t be applicable.

If not, it will be noted on the paperwork that the homeowners areย not a close associate of the president or first lady and will not be present throughout the visit.

There is no justification for it not to be on the document, as Painter, a current law professor at the University of Minnesota, informed The Post.

The president cannot simply utilize the houses of others for nothing without making it known. This is no different than a Supreme Court justice receiving free accommodations on a luxury vessel without openness, according to Painter.

Biden Didn’t Disclose Gifts

Painter noted he finds what was left out incomprehensible, in part because the presidential counsel’s office in the West Wing, where he previously worked, kept careful track of such presents.

On the yearly declaration form he filed on May 14, Biden declared he never accepted presents of any sort.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.