Biden Puts an End to Religious Liberty!

In yet another attempt to infringe on Americans’ rights, Biden’s Department of Education has decided to trample on Trump’s rules that were put in place to prevent the destruction of religious groups within universities.

By doing this, the universities that do actually ban these sorts of activities on campus will now actually be allowed to receive funding, despite taking away their students’ religious freedoms.

It’s become clear Joe’s all about liberty as long as it’s woke enough

According to the department, the rule was unnecessary and overly punishing towards universities.

It claims that a ban on religious groups doesn’t infringe on the 1st Amendment right to free speech and exercise of religion, as there are already “legal protections” in place.

Essentially, this allows woke universities to once again enact their mission to destroy Christian values, this time without fear of intervention from the government, all the while keeping their funding.

The very fact this was happening all across the nation was the reason the Trump administration put the rule in place.

It was the only thing protecting students’ religious liberty; whereas now, they’ll have to take these issues to the judicial branch if they wish to re-obtain their freedom.

However, one could argue that’s the actual proper way to go about this, but it’s widely accepted that the left always chooses to twist the rules in their favor. This was done solely due to the fact the court process for these matters can take years.

Not the last we’ll see of Biden’s destructive motions

It’s alarming these “educational institutions” can keep violating the 1st Amendment knowing they’ll be let off the hook immediately, save for the social media backlash that’s bound to die down in a matter of weeks, if not days.

We’ve reached a point in time when American colleges no longer respect American values, and more importantly, they don’t respect the rights of their students, even though they’re the reason they exist.

The pursuit of knowledge is a right every American should have. Being excommunicated from a school due to your religious beliefs is downright insulting; yet, we have to watch it unfold, as there’s little that can be done without proper leadership that would stand against these violations.

Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first or sadly last time Biden will be trampling over what this country once stood for. We’ll probably have to wait until the next presidential election to see someone put an end to it.

We as a people deserve better. Standing by while the woke elites tear this once great country to shreds is our current reality; although the current favorites for the White House are definitely promising.

There’s no telling what Biden’s got in store next. We won’t know for sure until he unleashes it on the US, just like he did with the border law updates he’s done, allowing millions of immigrants to keep flowing in ever since he was signed into office.