Biden: The US Will Not Start World War III

Defending his decision to deny the United States’ assistance to Ukraine in the battle against Russia’s invasion, Biden said on Friday “that’s what they call World War III.”

In the wake of Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying Sunday Poland had the “approval,” Biden is facing bipartisan backlash for rejecting Poland’s request to send 28 Military MiG-29 fighter jets.

To make the transfer easier, Poland volunteered to fly the planes to Germany’s Ramstein Air Base, where the United States would ease the transfer.

In light of the canceled Polish proposal, it remains unclear if the aircraft will be flown into Ukraine by the US or Ukrainian pilots.

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As he continued, Biden defended his economic record.

The current president also made sure to accuse Putin of overall inflation that has reached a new 40-year record of 7.9% in February, an increase from 7.5 percent the previous month.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, according to President Joe Biden, is pushing up gasoline costs and inflation.

“Putin started amassing soldiers along the border, and guess what? The United States responded.” The rest of the world was taking note of what was happening.

The market expected this, and as a result, prices increased even more, as people who work in the company know. When Putin arrived, the situation deteriorated rapidly. Without a doubt, Putin is mostly responsible for the rise in prices, according to Biden.

Inflation on the Rise

Inflation began to rise before the White House issued warnings in November that a Russian force buildup near Ukraine may be a precursor to an invasion of the country.

Biden attributed inflation to supply management problems created by the COVID-19 outbreak in the early 1990s.

The previous month’s annual inflation rate of 6.8 percent, according to him, was most certainly the “peak” of the cycle. When inflation was at five percent in July, he declared it to be “temporary.”

To be clear, the Pipeline Project was scheduled to be completed in two years. Two percent of the work had been completed. The president stated, 14 months after vetoing the contentious project, “Give me some space.”

Biden blamed energy firms for the lack of oil drilling, stating, “the big oil and executives, they don’t want to pump any more oil.” He would go on to remark this time and time again regarding oil companies.

Particularly since the United States prohibited Russian oil imports earlier this week, the Biden administration made the conscious effort to blame Putin for rising gas prices. Inflation may be exacerbated by the expense of fuel, which can be passed on to consumers via other items.

“Democrats were not the root of the issue, the president said. On Friday, Biden reiterated that Putin was the one who did it.