Biden Seems to Be Avoiding Battleground States at the Worst Time Possible

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

With the midterm elections closing in lightning fast, one would assume Biden would at least try and assist his fellow Democrats in battleground states, which are slowly but surely shifting in favor of Republicans.

Unfortunately, not even his own claims that this election is “one of the most important ones in his lifetime” were able to convince him to campaign alongside Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia Democrats that are in desperate need of assistance.

“Joe Biden” by GPA Photo Archive

With only one week left before the election, Biden is nowhere to be seen

Seeing as his popularity is taking a turn for the worst, it’s not exactly unexpected.

However, it does make it seem like Biden is leaving the congressional, gubernatorial races in the hands of fate; with the lead the GOP created in the past few months, believing alone might not cut it.

In fact, of the 14 states that are known for incredibly competitive Senate and gubernatorial races, Biden only visited six of them since September 1st, completely avoiding the three states that practically secured his seat in the White House.

While it’s certainly true a large majority of Americans, Democrats included, aren’t happy with his work, showing next to no support for Democratic candidates from Arizona, Georgia and Nevada is nothing short of careless and irresponsible on his part.

Then again, Biden hasn’t shown any aptitude for anything other than that. Every “achievement” he’s made as president can be written up to a lack of commitment and devotion to the cause he claims to be fighting for.

Obama steps in for Biden

Starting with the botched Afghanistan pullout that eventually segued into the immensely high inflation rates and skyrocketing gas prices, Biden hasn’t done much to gain the trust of the American people.

His not being there when his voters need him the most won’t do much to help.

It’s gotten so bad that certain candidates like gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams and Senate candidate Tim Ryan are purposely keeping their distance from Biden, hoping the general public won’t associate them with his numerous shortcomings.

This is probably why Biden is choosing to focus on official events to promote his narrative, which is bound to cost him these elections. Both Trump and Obama campaigned in their first midterms and still suffered major losses.

In fact, even Obama himself is campaigning alongside Democrats in Arizona and Nevada next; he’s already visited Michigan and Wisconsin this weekend, making Biden look even worse in comparison.

Conversely, former President Trump is also campaigning alongside his endorsees; although it’s nearly guaranteed the GOP is winning these elections at this point, especially if Biden chooses to remain inactive.

As it stands, not even Obama can help save Biden’s career; the approval rating is a clear indicator of this, even more so when it continues to plummet after the midterms are over.