Biden Set to Surrender US Pandemic Management to WHO

The administration of President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden has moved to join a treaty at the World Health Organization.

This may allow the WHO significant power over how America manages a future pandemic, including lockdowns, mask and vaccination mandates, social distancing, or surveillance, among other measures, a report warns.

‘Legally Binding’ Medical Surveillance Deal

Sleepy Joe is apparently prepared to sign the WHO deal, which will be “legally binding,” and is also seeking to do it without Senate approval, per report by The Epoch Times.

Noting that the World Health Organization is run by “bureaucrats in Geneva,” Switzerland, the report recounted how in September 2022, Biden’s Health Secretary Xavier Becerra held a “US-WHO Strategic Dialogue.”

They supposedly “developed a platform” to protect human health worldwide, “including” in the US. The resulting “draft” plan for a new global health treaty “seeks ratification” the member states of the UN, which are 194 in total.

On February 27, the “Intergovernmental Negotiating Body” of the WHO will hold a final meeting on the agreement and will have all UN members sign it.

The report states once the WHO deal enters into force, it would give bureaucrats running the UN body the power “declare and manage a global pandemic.” Thus, all UN member states would have to follow whatever rules the WHO decrees.

The report quotes David Bell, a former WHO employee, who told Epoch Times that the UN body and ruling elites subscribing their nations to its deal were trying to hash out a “very restrictive response” to pandemics when it comes to “controlling populations.”

Bell pointed out the UN would “get to decide” what constituted a “health emergency” and the deal would have in place “a surveillance mechanism,” which would guarantee the existence of “emergencies to declare.”


‘Worldwide Medical Police State’

The entire goal of the WHO agreement would be to allow the UN body to “supersede” member states’ laws, the article emphasizes. Illinois University professor Francis Boyle, who specializes in international law, told the publication the idea was “fatally dangerous.”

He said the deal would allow a “worldwide medical police state” controlled by the WHO and especially its Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus.

Tedros is suspected widely of having close ties with the government of Communist China.

The article quoted Meryl Nass, a physician, who warned if the Biden-supported WHO agreement got put in place, it would dictate to doctors what medications they were allowed to give their patients.

The report also pointed out that the WHO deal probably wouldn’t escape from having to be ratified by the US Senate. However, it does contain a provision that allows its implementation “on a provisional basis,” that is, before it has even been ratified.

It is noted because of all the outrage surrounding the WHO since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Republican Party lawmakers had become so outraged with the UN body that they were thinking of leading the United States to quit it completely.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.