Biden Takes Back His Stance “Facebook is Killing People”

It appears the technocrats gave Joe Biden a good ol’ fashion talk. That’s because in his latest press conference, Biden took back his previous statement “Facebook is killing people” and replaced it with “Facebook isn’t killing people”.

The big tech overlords at Facebook must have given Biden a scare because his statements are the polar opposite of each other. To clarify himself even more, CNBC reported that Biden went on to say he never meant to condemn Facebook. Instead, Biden was aiming his comment towards users on Facebook who are spreading “misinformation”.

Biden went on to say that he’s hoping Facebook won’t take his statements personally, but rather they’ll take it as advice to remove all misinformation on the site.

Background Behind Biden’s “Facebook is Killing People” Comment

Before Biden even made his comment on Facebook, both the White House Press Secretary and the Surgeon General both talked about the dangers of COVID-19 “misinformation” on Facebook.

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy called out social media companies for not taking down enough misinformation from their platforms. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t come down on Facebook as Joe Biden did.

Instead, Psaki stated that the White House has been assisting Facebook in “flagging” misinformation on their platform. She went on to say social media companies should team up and ban users from all platforms if they’re caught spreading misinformation.

Many people see the government flagging social media posts for “misinformation” as very problematic and know it could lead to even stronger censorship rules on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

As of right now, COVID-19 and any information about election fraud are being heavily censored; many believe the censorship will get worse in the days ahead.

It’s COVID-19 information now, but Bible verses, ideologies, historical facts, etc. could all be censored in the near future; that’s if big tech companies like Facebook are letting the Democrat Party control what is truth and what is misinformation.

After both the Surgeon General and Jen Psaki spoke out against “misinformation” on social media, Biden was asked by a reporter what role Facebook is playing in spreading misinformation. Biden flat out responded, “Facebook is killing people”.

Facebook immediately responded to his comments and shared that they have helped billion of people received correct information regarding COVID. The social media company then took a shot at the Biden administration.

Facebook stated that Biden was making them a scapegoat, due to the fact the Biden administration was unable to reach their immunization goals by July 4th.

Twitter Has Heeded the Biden Administration’s Call

News has just broken out that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter for spreading “misinformation”. The tweet that was flagged for misinformation stated that the COVID is not dangerous for those who are not obese and under the age of 65.

This isn’t her first time getting suspended, either; earlier in the year, Greene was suspended for speaking out against election fraud in Georgia.