Biden Violently Grabs a Reporter Whose Question He Didn’t Like!

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

While we can’t tell for certain whether our 79-year-old president has dementia or not, his cognitive decline has been on full display ever since he was signed into office.

Now, Biden’s gotten to the point where he’s physically confronting reporters at his rallies. Aside from making him completely unfit to rule over this great nation, his loss of cognitive function could also pose a major national security threat.

There’s no telling what his next move could be. Seeing as Biden is not that great at judging what’s acceptable or not, it’s best to keep him away from world leaders for a while.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Biden’s dementia kicks in as he grabs the reporter asking him a question

The US Alzheimer’s Association outlines some of the symptoms of late-onset dementia as aggressive behaviors, anger, lack of object permanence, and several others.

It’s gotten to the point where Biden’s gaffes aren’t even that funny to watch anymore. He’s slowly turning into a confused old man; many of us have had the chance to see this with our own eyes if we were lucky enough to have met our grandparents.

One such occasion happened this Thursday, right before he boarded Marine One. Biden was overrun by reporters asking him questions about pressing matters, one of which was about abortion rights, which prompted the aforementioned physical confrontation.

Biden seemed agitated at first, only to turn to the reporter in question and grab him by the arms, telling him to read the Roe v. Wade trademark. It’s almost as if we’re not all already familiar with it after months of protesting at the Supreme Court.

Keep him away from the nuclear launch codes

Unfortunately, Biden won’t be receiving a portion of the scorn that Trump would if he exhibited these behaviors.

Right after the abortion question, another reporter asked Biden about the lack of Democrats willing to campaign alongside him, to which he boldly replied that “There will be more,” claiming there’s already been 15 up until this point.

It can’t be seen because of the camera angle of this second shot, but reports say he grabbed the woman by the hands as well, a thing he’s very familiar with as of late, especially when it comes to younger women in his vicinity.

There’s definitely something going on with Biden.

Even though it could simply all be due to his old age, he’s been exhibiting symptoms of dementia for a while now, including the time when he’d continuously failed to climb the stairs to Air Force 1.

The danger of having a man like this as commander-in-chief is immense. He’s always just a few inches away from the nuclear launch codes.

Considering that persons with dementia tend to have more issues overnight, it’s hard to imagine how Biden would respond to a major threat at that time.

In spite of all of this, he refused to submit to a standard cognitive skill test.