Biden’s Cognitive Decline Continues: Gets Lost at White House

Have you ever gotten lost on a sidewalk that has only one direction? I’m hoping not, but if you asked Biden that same question on whether or not he’s gotten lost on a sidewalk, he would have to answer yes.

Biden's Cognitive Decline Continues: Gets Lost at White House

After spending some time at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden made the trip back to the White House; as he was making his way back into the White House, he seemed to forget where he was supposed to go. A video captured the entire moment and it has gone viral on Twitter.

In the video, Biden is walking on a sidewalk that leads to the White House; directly in front of him is a Secret Service Agent giving him hand signals to take a right on the sidewalk.

The hand signals by the Secret Service agent is really strange, considering most people don’t need to be told directions on a sidewalk that only goes towards one direction.

Well, it didn’t even matter anyway because Biden ended up blowing off the hand signals by the Secret Service agent; Biden instead walked straight forward off the sidewalk and started walking in the grass.

He then continued to go straight and made his way into some bushes. He wasn’t lost for long though and quickly found his way into the White House. Go ahead and analyze the video yourself:

Biden Says Cuomo Did a Heck of a Job as Governor of New York

Biden getting lost at the White House wasn’t his only gaffe yesterday; he also complimented the soon-to-be former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. When a CBS reporter asked Biden what he thought about Cuomo’s last ten years as the governor of New York, Biden replied boastfully that Cuomo has done a heck of a job.

He then started praising the governor for his infrastructure and voting policies. Biden didn’t stop there though; he then went on record saying he respected Cuomo for deciding to resign. He never offered sympathy towards Cuomo’s victims or the disgraced governor’s nursing home scandal.

A Reporter Strikes Back After Biden’s Tone Deaf Comments

Surprisingly, a CNN reporter called Biden out for his comments; she asked Biden at the same press conference how he could say Cuomo has done a good job as governor if he’s been sexually assaulting women the whole time he’s been in office.

The comment stunned Biden and he declared he was answering a specific question about infrastructure; however, that was a big lie because the CBS reporters never asked Biden about infrastructure.

The question asked was what Biden thought about Cuomo’s last ten years as governor. So for Biden to talk about Cuomo’s infrastructure handling while the governor has just officially resigned for allegedly sexually assaulting 11 women the last ten years as governor just goes to show even more that Biden is completely out of it!