Biden’s Motorcade Booed As He Enters Long Beach, California

The entire Democrat political machine is terrified that a Republican might take over California; therefore, as a result, they sent Biden to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom in Long Beach, California.

However, Biden wasn’t met with cheers; instead, as he entered Long Beach, Biden was met with a large crowd of Trump supporters who booed his motorcade.

Hundreds of Trump supporters lined up the streets to greet Biden’s motorcades with loud boos and most of them were waving American flags and Trump flags. Others held signs that said ‘vote yes on the recall.’

Biden’s visit quickly received backlash because it showed he’s putting more time and energy campaigning for a Democrat than he was giving his time and effort towards planning a successful Afghanistan withdrawal.

Here’s the moment Biden’s motorcade arrived in Long Beach:

During Biden’s Speech, He Called Republican Larry Elder a Trump Clone

As Biden was welcomed up on stage by Governor Gavin Newsom, Biden wasted no time calling Republican competitor Larry Elder a Trump clone. Biden went on to say if you vote for Larry Elder, then you’ll get another Trump.

That wasn’t all though. Biden continued for another 13 minutes but was continuously interrupted by his constant coughs in between each thought.

Larry Elder’s been under attacks from liberals since the day he decided to run against Gavin Newsom in the election run-off. Last month, the LA Times wrote a hit piece on Elder that called him a white supremacist.

Attacks against Elder have not just been words, either. Last week, a deranged liberal in a gorilla suit threw an egg at Elder that almost connected to his head. The constant attacks against Elder just go to show that the Democrat establishment is afraid California will turn red.

California Republicans Have Experienced Strange Happenings While Voting

According to KTLA, several Republicans who were voting at El Camino High School in the San Fernando Valley said they were unable to cast their votes on voting machines; when they tried, the machines notified them that they already voted.

An 88-year-old by the name of Estelle Bender was one of many Republican voters who was told they already voted, despite the fact they never cast their ballot.

Bender and other voters were told to fill out provisional ballots until the voting machines’ technical issues were fixed. The Los Angeles County Registrar commented that there was just an issue with the settings of the voting machines and now they are back up and running. However, many residents who had to fill out a provisional ballot are furious.

Larry Elder warned his voters to be very diligent while voting and beware of any shenanigans. This way, what occurred during the 2020 election won’t happen during the recall election.