Biden’s Rape Accuser Flees to Russia For Her Own Safety

While everyone got riled up over the Trump defamation trials, it seems the left-leaning crowd forgot their president had a few allegations against him pop up as well.

Notably, one Tara Reade, who was a staffer for then-Senator Joe Biden, accused him of sexually assaulting her in a deserted hallway of a Senate building.

Joe’s got a storm coming his way

However, if you look at the coverage of this story, you’ll find the mainstream media went out of its way to spin Reade’s story in a way that would benefit the soon-to-be-president, Sleepy Joe.

That’s much as they did with the details surrounding Hunter’s laptop and its contents.

Unlike the guy who found Hunter’s laptop though, Reade felt she must defect to Russia, for her own safety.

She announced her departure during a press conference with several Russian officials, including Maria Butina. This is a convicted Russian spy who was detained and confined in a US prison for conspiring against the US.

In an interview with Sputnik News, Reade stated she finally feels safe and appreciates all the help she’d gotten from both agent Butina and others at a time when she needed it the most.

Reade went on to criticize the Biden administration and the fact she’s labeled as a fugitive, despite being the very obvious victim here.

What’s more, Reade worked as a staffer for Joe when she claims to have been raped and it’s unacceptable for him to face no scrutiny over the allegations.

The untouchable president

Reade’s allegations originally popped up during the 2020 presidential election, when she claimed Joe forced himself on her while she was just one of his staffers back in 1993.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media practically ignored her story. It didn’t even get published by any major outlet until the New York Times took it upon itself to let the people know the truth.

“Too little, too late” is probably the best way to describe the coverage of Reade’s story. If you account for the fact no one’s talking about it almost three years later, whereas Trump’s rape allegations get brought up almost weekly, you can tell whose side the media is on.

It’s almost as if Joe’s got every major media outlet in the US in his grasp. Seeing as he’s got business deals with Ukrainian, Iranian, and Chinese energy conglomerates, his influence may be far greater than we think.

Sleepy Joe may not be as sleepy as we all think; even if he is, someone else is pulling the strings of the Biden administration.