Biden’s Secretary of State Looks to Taliban for Permission

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in an interview with CBS, admitted that the United States must ask the Taliban permission in order to withdraw our citizens that are outside the Kabul airport. It appears the Biden administration is already recognizing the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan as legitimate; they are now even heeding to the commands of the Taliban.

Biden's Secretary of State Looks to Taliban for Permission

The United States of America used to never take commands from illegitimate governments that were keeping our citizens captive; yet, it now appears under the leadership of Biden, America will sadly roll over to terrorists.

In the interview, Blinken was asked a direct question; that question was whether or not America needs to ask the Taliban permission in order to advance outside the Kabul airport. Blinken, without blinking an eye, declared the Taliban is in control of Kabul.

He then said we must communicate with them in order to ensure Americans are safe. After Blinken made those comments, he touted the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan as a success and even said that his team did a great job planning.

The Taliban Refused Biden’s August 31st Troop Withdrawal Deadline

Fox News reported that the Biden administration is not only asking the Taliban permission, but now America has portrayed itself as non-threats to the Taliban too. The Taliban just proudly declared that they will not accept the United States’ extension of withdrawal that surpasses August 31st.

If U.S. troops aren’t pulled by August 31st (and no new agreement has been reached), the Taliban could cause terror to the over 10,000 U.S. citizens who are trapped in Afghanistan. Subsequently, Biden’s approval rating is dropped tremendously.

Now his own supporters are even saying he mishandled withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in a way that was honorable. A new CBS poll even shows Biden’s approval rating has dropped significantly in the last several weeks.

While the Biden Administration is Asking Permission From The Taliban, This is What Democrats Are Doing

While the Biden administration is completely setting the United States on fire with their awful policies, the Democrat Party is silent. They are too busy in Napa Valley hosting fundraiser dinners for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

A video on Twitter revealed a totally massless Democrat crowd in Napa, California attending a DCCC fundraiser that costs $100 for a ticket and 29,000 to be a chair (overseeing the event). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the head speaker of the event.

Take a look at the hypocrisy:

This video shows that Pelosi is not worried about the situation in Afghanistan. It also shows that she cares Democrats will lose seats in the House and she’ll lose her job as the House Speaker.

Our leaders in D.C. show us time and time again that their only intention in getting elected is to be re-elected later; the constant fundraisers by the Democrat Party during tragedies are proof.