Biden’s Voice Sounds Like a Robot in Latest Press Conference

In Biden’s latest press conference, his voice sounded as if it were robotic. Biden’s voice sounded completely automated and had many people speculating what happened.

Just take a listen to his voice right here:

Did you hear that? Well, Biden’s physician sent out a press release that stated the president doesn’t have COVID, but rather he just has a “frog” in his throat. His physician went on to state Biden simply has nasal congestion.

Twitter users immediately noticed Biden’s voice and were quick to launch jokes about Biden. Some of those jokes were statements like, “I guess they forgot to reprogram Biden today.”

Late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon also made fun of Biden’s voice, which is very rare for any late-night tv show host because Biden has been off limits for months.

However, many speculate Biden has more than just “nasal congestion,” considering he’s had the same cough for almost six months.

Biden Administration is Infamous for Hiding the Truth

Everyone remembers when Biden first hit the campaign trail; he had an earpiece and read from teleprompters (he still does, at times), but now it appears his voice is completely gone.

If Biden’s voice continues to worsen, most analysts believe the Biden administration may very well start using actual artificial intelligence technology to imitate Biden.

This may sound ridiculous and like something out of a science fiction movie, but the Biden administration already has used the “smoke and mirrors” trick already.

When Biden got his booster shot, he televised the event live, as if he were taking the jab at the White House. However, a picture revealed Biden was actually using a replica of a room inside of the White House instead.

His press conferences are also completely fake because he always has a list of reporters to call on and their inquiries are always softball questions.

Will Kamala Harris be President Soon?

In November, for a few short hours, Kamala Harris was the official president of the United States. The reason she was given the brief moment of the title of president is that Biden was undergoing a colonoscopy and had to receive sedatives.

It appears the transition process is being well prepared out because it is unfathomable that Biden will be able to last another three years at the rate he is going.

In all reality, swapping Harris with Biden is a completely no-win situation. Also, if Harris were to somehow also be impeached or resign due to health reasons, Nancy Pelosi would be third in line to be president.

Therefore, no matter what happens to Biden, Democrats will still retain power and continue to drive the country into the ground at a rate that is horrifyingly unbelievable.