Big Blow Threatens Leftist Propaganda Outlets New York Times, Washington Post

Two of the biggest pillars of far-left Democratic propaganda – the New York Times and Washington Post – are threatened with a severe public blow to the remaining shreds of their credibility.

A movement to strip them of their 2018 Pulitzer Prize has been endorsed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Final Nail in Collusion Story’s Coffin

In 2018, NYT and WaPo received the Pulitzer, a once prestigious journalism award, together with a cash prize, for their coverage of the alleged “collusion” between the 2016 campaign of President Trump and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

It has now become firmly established that there was never anything of the sort .

While that may have been clear to objective observers even back then, the latest report by US Special Counsel John Durham drove the final nail in the coffin of the insane narrative about Trump conspiring with Moscow mass murderer Putin.

In his new 306-page report last week, Durham not only confirmed the conclusions by his predecessor, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that there was no “collusion” whatsoever.

He also determined the FBI had no legal grounds, in the first place, to launch an investigation into the debunked matter.

More and more Americans are becoming convinced after the “damning Durham report” that the New York Times and Washington Post deliberately “worked to mislead the nation” – and were even giving a big award for that, The Blaze reports.

‘Politically Motivated Crap’

Among those outraged by the sheer impudence of the Pulitzer Prize Board is Republican Senator of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.

Graham told Fox News that the FBI committee carried out tremendous violations in pursuing the “Trump – Russia collusion” probe. He emphasized that Hillary Clinton was constantly pushing the false claim that Trump was conspiring with the Russians.

Graham insisted US AG Merrick Garland was now obliged to apologize on behalf of his department to anybody who suffered from the FBI investigation.

He added the Pulitzer Prize Board must take back the award it gave to WaPo and NYT, simply because the entire affair boiled down to “politically motivated crap.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.