Bill Barr Calls for Immediate Intervention at the Southern Border

With illegal immigration levels hitting record highs and fentanyl import continuing at a regular pace, it’s safe to say the border crisis has remained in full swing, despite all the calls for action.

Biden hasn’t moved a finger ever since he was signed into office. One could even argue that his actions regarding the border policies have only made things worse.

Former Attorney General Barr outlines the damage done by Mexican Cartels to the US

Former Attorney General Bill Barr wrote a lengthy op-ed last week, describing the current state of affairs at the border as disastrous. He is also calling for military intervention to put a stop to the organized crime that the Mexican drug cartels are getting away with inside the US.

Barr clarified there’s already legislation that would allow Biden to use the military forces we’ve got to declare an all-out war on the drug cartels, something former President Donald Trump had suggested a while ago.

As risky and careless of a move as it may sound to be, the fact still remains that more than 100,000 Americans die from drug overdoses every year. This is more than the casualties we suffered in the worst conflict the US has participated in to date, that being World War 2.

Even then, the numbers aren’t enough to fully represent the damage the cartels had done. Once you account for all the healthcare costs, social services, and the amount of productivity that’s been lost, the drug epidemic alone eats $1 trillion every year.

We did it once, we can do it again

However, the US has already carried out similar operations back in the 90s, with some success. The US and Colombian governments worked together to crack down on the Medellin and Cali cartels from back then.

Even then, the US had to deal with a Democratic president who was constantly pulling his punches against these criminal empires, refusing to deal with them on their home turf, where we could address the root cause of the issue.

Barr explained the only way to deal with the cartels is to label them as national security threats, as they’re more akin to a group like ISIS than they are to the American mafia.

Of course, designating a cartel as a terrorist group does little to nothing if we’re not willing to deal with them in that same context.

Sadly, Biden isn’t going to do anything about this, at least not with the left’s current priorities.

As long as it’ll keep them in power, Democrats are willing to do just about anything, but when it comes to protecting the American people, they always end up not delivering on their promises.

The fentanyl crisis has taken thousands of young lives so far and it seems the nightmare isn’t ending any time soon.

As long as Mexico is unable to deal with the cartels themselves, the US won’t be able to take action either, especially considering the country’s left-leaning president keeps invoking Mexico’s sovereignty as a means of protecting these organized criminal groups.