Bill Clinton Admitted to ICU in California

Bill Clinton has just been admitted into the ICU at the University of California Irvine’s Hospital. The former president was admitted after a UTI infection he had spread to his bloodstream, which resulted in him having a blood infection called sepsis.

As of right now, doctors and spokespersons have stated his hospitalization is not due to COVID-19 and they expect the former president to make a complete recovery.

Doctors and nurses also reported that Clinton is in good spirits and even “charming” the hospital staff. Medical personnel have likewise noted Clinton is responding well to the antibiotics he was given and should be released from the hospital in the near future.

Clinton was in California for a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation, but felt extremely fatigued which led to him being hospitalized.

Clinton Has a History of Medical Issues

Fox News reported that Clinton has a history of medical complications. They stated in 2004, he had quadruple bypass heart surgery. Then, just a few weeks later, he had to have surgery again to remove fluid in his chest cavity.

Later, in 2010, Clinton saw himself in the hospital again, this time to get a stent due to his high cholesterol. Clinton is now 75 and the days of him being carried place to place to campaign on behalf of Democrats could be coming to an end soon.

It’s hard to believe Democrats are still using Clinton after him being impeached for the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. If Clinton was a Republican, he would’ve been cancelled and tossed aside long ago.

Hillary Clinton Also Has Previous Medical Issues

Hillary Clinton had her fair share of health episodes, too. In 2016, after attending a 9/11 memorial in New York, she looked as if she had a seizure and fell. Secret Service agents then quickly caught Hillary before she hit the ground; they put her in a van, hoping no one saw it, but a man in the crowd was able to record the moment.

Democrats like their presidential candidates apparently in pretty rough health conditions, considering Hillary wasn’t even able to stand at one point. Then, four years later, Democrats threw their support behind Joe Biden, who has an obvious case of cognitive decline.

That was four years ago, so how is Hillary now? Well, a recent photo of her and Bill shows her in pretty bad condition and having gained a lot of weight. A photographer was able to capture Clinton in the Hamptons and the photo makes her almost unrecognizable.

If conservatives started handing the floor to young, healthy, energetic pro-America candidates, then maybe the Republican Party would gain an advantage on the deteriorating Democrats.

Instead, the Republican Party is clinging to characters like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, who both showed their disloyalty towards Trump on January 6th.