Bill Gates Cancels His Christmas, Due to Omicron

Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates announced he canceled a large portion of his Christmas plans, due to the omicron COVID-19 outbreak.

Gates sent out a tweet to his followers, which stated, ‘Omicron will impact all of us, and with that being said, I’m canceling most of my Christmas plans’.

Gates went on to say the world should still trust vaccines, even though people who are vaccinated are still testing positive for the omicron variant.

Later, Gates followed that comment up by saying COVID-19 vaccines are stopping people from dying or getting seriously sick from COVID-19. Gates’ words are a complete 360 from what he was declaring when the vaccines were first being rolled out.

Gates claimed that COVID-19 vaccines would stop the spread and prevent people from getting COVID, but now, it appears he’s only claiming the vaccines just lessen the effects of COVID-19.

Take a look at his tweet, here; it might not last too long, considering he practically admitted COVID-19 vaccines cannot prevent a person from getting COVID-19.

Gates Talks More About Omicron

Gates, who is not a doctor, stated the omicron variant will become the dominant variant of COVID-19 in the United States; he also predicted a surge would occur within the next three months.

The tech billionaire then went on record saying the sooner everybody looks out for each other, the sooner the pandemic will end. So, essentially, he’s saying those who are not vaccinated yet are preventing the world from becoming “normal” again.

Despite Gates’ fear-mongering on Twitter, the FDA announced the omicron variant is not more dangerous than other variants and acts almost identical to other COVID-19 strains.

Who Encourages Canceled Holiday Events?

Just like Bill Gates, the WHO has also sounded the alarm over this new virus strain. They are urging people around the world to cancel their holiday activities.

The WHO announced in order to save public health, people should cancel their holiday plans. The leader of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, stated it’s better to cancel a party than for omicron to cancel your life.

So basically, the WHO is instilling fear into the hearts of people; they are even claiming people will die if they meet up with their families this Christmas.

The WHO, Gates, the CDC, and many more organizations know when people are not in groups and are isolated, then their mental health can deteriorate tremendously.

However, the “experts” seem to not care and completely ignore the facts that overdose rates and suicide rates have been at an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is due to the fact they were isolated from their families because of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and have lost their jobs since they were not vaccinated.