Bill Maher Branded as “Transphobic” Over Comments on LGBT Transitions

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In the most recent episode of his talk show, “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the HBO TV host dared to touch on the extremely sensitive topic of transgenderism, using a Gallup poll as the reference point for his arguments.

The survey in question found the percentage of US adults identifying as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender reached a new high of 7.1%, doubling the 2012 statistic from the initial survey.

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Woke crowd cancels Maher

This shows an around 2x increase generation to generation, with there being around 2.8% who identify as non-heterosexual among the Baby Boomers, 4.2% of Gen Xers, 10.5% of Millenials, and finally 20.8% of Gen Zers.

This is what prompted Maher to believe the increase to be nothing more than a trend.

He stated while a large portion of these freshly baked members of the LGBT community transitioned for legitimate reasons, a good part of the remainder likely just joined the hype train.

He adds when things are changing this fast, people should be allowed to question these changes, joking that every one of the babies from the past few generations has been born in the wrong body.

Moreover, he questioned the American Civil Liberties Union’s recent statement, where they declared the abortion ban would “disproportionally harm“ indigenous people and people of color.

They did not once mention women, the only demographic who would actually feel the impact of the change.

Death sentence for transphobic comment?

Despite being supportive of the community and openly claiming we should be mindful of its members, the woke crowd was quick to fire back at Maher.

They did so with unnecessary force, considering his level-headed approach to the issue.

Namely, what got the angry mob riled up was Maher’s stance on children transitioning.

He deemed this as experimentation on the nation’s youth, further listing the potential negative side effects of the drugs commonly known as puberty blockers.

He also points out this spike in transitions is regional, with states like Ohio being polar opposites to the progressive California, where the “trend” is flourishing.

Naturally, his comments prompted a Twitter storm of massive proportions, with the majority of users involved labeling Maher as “transphobic” or even claiming he’s spreading hateful information.

Some even demanded that Maher’s talk show be canceled, whereas others showed the dark side of the community, claiming the host deserves a death sentence for his “transphobic“ comments.

Thankfully, all of these Twitter comments are exactly that.

Moreover, the users typing them are nothing more than frustrated individuals taking their questionable opinions to the poorly managed and moderated social media platform.

On the other hand, Maher’s numbers are only getting better. He is one of the few real Democrats who absolutely deserves it.