Bill Maher Exposes Blatant Leftist Media Conspiracy to Shield Hunter Biden

(Laptop from hell snapshot)

HBO host and comedian Bill Maher exposed the leftist “conspiracy” to suppress the shocking revelations based on first son Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

Maher blasted the mainstream media and the Democrat Party’s establishment for trying to “pussyfoot” around them in order to shield Joe Biden and the party at large

Giant Conspiracy to Hide Hunter’s Laptop

In the latest episode of his HBO talk show “Real Time,” Maher declared it’s obvious that Hunter Biden has been “selling the influence” of his father, Joe Biden, who has served as a senator, vice president, and now president.

Hunter Biden’s laptop ended up in the hands of the FBI and the non-lefty media after it was abandoned in a repair shop in Delaware. The first revelations from it were made by The New York Post in October 2020, but were censored by the mainstream media.

More revelations about the prodigal first son’s murky business dealings, promiscuity, and drug addiction have been made this year by The Daily Mail after it turned out the laptop from hell also contains a backup copy of Hunter Biden’s iPhone.

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher, on Friday, took up the topic about the suppression of the Hunter Biden stories by the leftist media conspiracy.

This happened after Sam Harris, a liberal podcaster, defended the conspiracy to crush the scandalous revelations because exposing those to the American public may have led Biden to lose the 2020 election.

Apparently, according to Harris, the left’s need to beat Trump beats honesty, fairness, dignity, and any moral principles out there.

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They Deem ‘Other Side So Evil’ ‘Anything is Justified’

On his HBO show, Maher wondered how it could be “okay to have a conspiracy” just in order to “get rid of Trump.’

He noted now, nearly two years later, the mainstream media “finally admitted” Hunter Biden’s laptop revelations are “a real story.”

In his damning commentary, Maher set the record straight, without any “pussyfooting,” as he declared Hunter was “selling the influence” of Daddy Joe Biden; although he was quick to add “most political sons do” the same thing.

The HBO host, however, emphasized the words of the former head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who described the conspiracy to suppress Hunter’s laptop stories to have been a “mistake.”

Maher then went on to lambast the management of Big Tech social media companies, as well as mainstream media journalists, for deciding the “other side” is just “so evil” that “anything is justified” to destroy it.

In his Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” the liberal comedian host also ferociously criticized the Biden administration for the recent decision to partially cancel student loans.

Maher blasted the quality of college education in today’s America. Instead of cutting income inequality, it actually exacerbates it, in this particular case, thanks to the partial student loan cancelation.

Maher even blasted the unaffordable college education as a “giant scam” because many who pursue don’t “really get any education.” Yet, Democrats always tend to think getting more college education “solves everything.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.