BIZARRE: Charges Dropped in White House Truck Attack

A week ago, a U-haul truck plowed into the fence near the entrance to the White House. Investigators were seen combing the evidence as a Nazi flag lay on the pavement near the truck.

The driver, supposedly named Sai Kandula of Missouri, was arrested at the scene. Now, the charges have been dropped. Yes, seriously.

Charges Dropped

Kandula was arrested at the scene. A Nazi flag was put by police on the ground near the truck, just in the right place for the media to photograph. Was this another white supremacist?

It turns out the guy arrested is actually of East Indian origin; he barely rammed the fence and had to drive twice into it before “crashing.” In other words, this was obviously faked.

Despite being arrested at the scene, Kandula’s charges are now all dropped, except for one count of depredation of property, which is basically a slap on the wrist.

This looks a hell of a lot like a false flag operation gone wrong.

Bizarre Lies

Trump supporters from J6 are going to jail for years for being in the US Capitol; this guy rams the White House fence and gets a slap on the wrist? This looks a lot like a false flag that went wrong.

There’s not even clear evidence that this guy is a real person or really comes from Chesterfield, MO, apart from a license given to the media that could easily be fake.

This whole incident is extremely shady and bizarre.

What Do You Think?

Kandula was supposed to plow the fence and leave a Nazi flag lying around, then be “killed.” Next, the news would splash the photo of some other white guy everywhere and hyperventilate about white supremacy.

It’s sure looking a lot like that was the plan. Maybe next time they should choose a better patsy.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.