BLM Activist Arrested for Attempting to Assassinate Mayoral Candidate

A Louisville Black Lives Matter activist has been named as a suspect in the attempted shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg on Monday.

Quintez Brown wound up facing an attempted murder charge, along with an endangerment charge.

This happened after Greenberg was the target of gunfire while at his campaign’s headquarters in Butchertown, according to LMPD spokeswoman Elizabeth Ruoff.

Brown, a BLM activist, is a recently departed Courier-Journal intern.

According to the police report, a guy later named Brown walked into the building and shot a 9mm handgun at Greenberg before fleeing. Greenberg was unharmed; however, one of the bullets struck his garments, according to Chief Erika Shields.

Greenberg, a liberal, and his staff were evacuated from the building, and a person was eventually placed under arrest, she said.

More Details on the Story

What we know so far about the attempted assassination of Louisville mayoral frontrunner Craig Greenberg is still developing. Greenberg, amid a shooting at his campaign headquarters, stated he was shaken up from the shooting.

Quintez Brown, an activist, has been charged in connection with the attempted shooting of Greenberg. Shots were fired so close to Greenberg that they grazed his shirt.

Officers found a man matching the suspect’s description about ten minutes later, less than a half-mile from the campaign headquarters; he was carrying a packed 9mm mag in his pants pocket, per the arrest report.

According to the report, he even had a bag containing a handgun, a handgun case, and additional magazines.

According to the report, security footage from the building revealed the suspect was wearing clothes similar to Brown’s and carrying a bag comparable to Brown’s.

Brown had been a student at the University of Louisville and an opinion editor for the student newspaper, the Cardinal. He took part in the 2020 racial justice protests.

He went missing last summer, but was discovered safe on July 1 after being absent for about two weeks. Once he mysteriously disappeared, family and friends organized several search teams, distributed flyers, and gathered at various locations throughout the city to look for him.

His family would later release a statement that Brown was going through a time which was testing him mentally and physically. At the time, several rumors claimed Brown was taken captive by white police officers, which was a complete hoax.

Could This Be a Possible Motive?

Quintez Brown’s Twitter account was full of communist and socialist rhetoric and posts. Several tweets praised black communist leaders and he praised the Black Panther movement in several tweets, too.

In December, Brown recently declared to run for Louisville District 5 City Council.

Brown released a video on Twitter that showed himself creating a poster with his name on it. It appears Brown’s chances of being elected are completely gone, if found guilty of attempted murder.