BLM Praises Cuba’s Communist Regime and Cop Killer

The Black Lives Matter organization doesn’t even attempt to hide their support for Marxism. In their latest Instagram post, the Black Lives Matter organization condemned the U.S. Embargo on the communist regime in Cuba.

In their public statement, they didn’t condemn the communist government of Cuba at all, but instead, they stated that Cuba’s crisis is all the United States fault.

Fox News reported that after BLM blasted the United States, BLM went on to praise the communist leaders of Cuba for protecting “black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur”.

While BLM is calling Assata Shakur (born JoAnne Deborah Byron) a hero, the reality is she is a domestic terrorist that was convicted for murdering New Jersey police officer Werner Foerster.

Assata Shakur was heavily involved in the Black Liberation Army; before she was convicted of murder, she was also charged with several other high-profile crimes too.

In 1977, Assata Shakur was sentenced to life in prison, but shortly after her conviction, she escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility. After escaping prison, Shakur was granted political asylum by the communist regime in Cuba.

Backlash Against BLM’s Post

Thousands of users took to Twitter after finding out that BLM blamed the atrocities happening right now on the United States.

One user said that the protestors are clearly protesting the communist regime of Cuba and not the United States.

Others stated that BLM are hypocrites, considering they are supporting a government whose police are attacking its citizens for protesting basic human rights.

Senator Marco Rubio also chimed in, stating that BLM decided to take a day off from taking millions of dollars in donations to support the communist regime of Cuba instead.

If there was any confusion on whether or not BLM is a Marxist organization, here’s your proof.

History of BLM’s Marxist Ideology

Previously on the BLM official website, they wrote one of their goals was to dismantle the “Western prescribed nuclear family structure”.

According to Karl Marx, family must be abolished in order to destroy capitalism. Both co-founders have also claimed that they are “trained Marxist.

The 1619 Project Founder

Nikole Hannah-Jones, founder of the 1619 project, (which aims to change our country’s founding date from 1776 to 1619) previously praised Cuba’s communist dictators.

In 2019, she even used Cuba as a model on how American’s should handle racism. She also has gone on record saying that Cuba is the most equal multi-racial country in the world.

Hannah-Jones then credited socialism and communism for having such a great effect on solving racial inequality issues.

If parents don’t fight back, the public school system will teach CRT and the 1619 project. Then, children will learn about how great of a revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was instead of learning the truth.

He was a ruthless dictator.