Bombshell Report Reveals Pentagon Airstrike in Afghanistan Killed Aid Worker

A bombshell investigation by the New York Times concluded the Pentagon’s last airstrike in Afghanistan that allegedly killed an ISIS K Member is not what it seems at all.

The original report from the Pentagon declared the airstrike in Kabul which killed 10 civilians and an “ISIS K member” was due to the fact an airstrike hit the ISIS members’ vehicle. This vehicle was filled with explosives and caused a secondary explosion.

Well, the Pentagon’s report is starting to crumble; the New York Times reported that the airstrike issued by the Pentagon actually targeted an aid worker who was delivering water to members of his community. This member is reported to not be an ISIS K member at all.

The man who was killed in the airstrike was named Zemari Ahmadi; he worked for a California NGO called Nutrition and Education International. On a daily basis, Ahmadi would drive around Kabul and provide nutritional food to Afghans all across the city of Kabul.

His good deeds apparently looked suspicious to U.S. Centcom Commanders; therefore, they ordered an airstrike on Ahmadi’s white Toyota while it was parked at his house.

Security footage that the New York Times journalist was able to obtain shows that the suspicious canisters in his car that U.S. Commanders deemed as explosives were just containers filled with water.

Security footage back up those claims. Take a look:

Woke General Mark Milley Claims the Airstrike was a Righteous Move

After the airstrike took place, Joint Chief of Staffs General Mark Milley made an announcement that the drone strike was a “righteous” attack. He went on to say that the airstrike didn’t kill the civilians, but rather a secondary explosion killed the civilians.

Milley and the Pentagon’s intelligence appeared to have made a major mistake; the video shared by the New York Times showed that Zemari Ahmadi’s car had no explosives in them. Instead, he was just carrying water canisters in his car.

General Milley has been in the hot seat for bashing Trump and supporting critical race theory; he also literally went on stage and said the U.S. military under the Pentagon’s permission delivered a “righteous” strike.

However, there was nothing righteous about it. Innocent people lost their lives and the  “ISIS K member” ended up being just an NGO worker.

Was The Airstrike Just A Cover-Up?

When the attack first took place, the Pentagon released no names of the alleged ISIS K member killed in the attack; this raised concerns on whether or not an ISIS K member was actually killed.

The airstrike also occurred less than 24 hours after 13 U.S. troops died in suicide bomb blasts by ISIS K members; this later made many people believe the airstrike was just a move by the Biden administration to cover up their horrible withdrawal debacle.