Border Patrol Agents On Horse Back Capture Illegal Immigrants

Del Rio, Texas looked as if it was a scene out of an old wild west movie. This is due to the fact that dozens of Border Patrol agents were intercepting illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

The majority of illegal immigrants captured by the Border Patrol agents were Haitians who are seeking refuge in the United States. As of right now, there are over 15,000 illegal immigrants in Del Rio underneath a bridge. However, DHS is starting to transfer some of  them to different locations all around the United States.

Border Patrol Agents On Horse Back Capture Illegal Immigrants

According to the Daily Mail, DHS already moved 2,000 illegal immigrants from an encampment in Del Rio and now they will be processed. Under Biden’s catch and release policy, most of the immigrants already transferred to different processing centers will more than likely become legal residents.

Only a few will be sent back by flight to their homelands.

Video Shows Rio Grande River Filled with People Crossing US-Mexico Border

The mass amount of immigrants stems from the fact the Biden administration decided to halt all deportation flights back to Haiti on September 8th. Then, after they made that decision, thousands of Haitians chose to make the dangerous trip to America.

Most of the immigrants are flocking to America since the recent earthquake that hit Haiti left the country in shambles. To make matters worse, their president was assassinated just a month before that.

Videos have surfaced of hundreds of Haitians crossing the Rio Grande River as if their actions were perfectly legal.

Just take a look at how bad the situation really is:

So, the Biden administration’s solution for the mass influx of people is to send a handful of Border Patrol agents on horseback to stop the overflow of people coming into the country illegally. For every one person agents are able to catch, around ten people are able to make it into America safely.

Biden is Ignoring the Crisis and Has Gone Bike-riding Instead

Instead of handling the border crisis, Biden decided to take a trip back to his home state of Delaware. He then went on a bike riding trip through Cape Henlopen State Park.

Biden’s go-to move when things are out of control is to retreat back to Delaware because he did the same thing after the horrendous Afghanistan withdrawal. Many political voices believe Biden purposely created the border crisis.

Every sane person knows if you stop deporting people, then more people will hear the news and come. Also, the Biden White House would rather be blasted for their negligence over border issues than face the fact that Biden and the Pentagon could face war crime charges for killing ten innocent people.

These deaths were due to the Biden administration’s inability to admit they surrendered to the Taliban.