Brawl Erupts Between Parents and LGBTQ+ Supporters

Parents, many of whom were members of the Armenian-American community, gathered outside the Glendale School board session in Los Angeles to voice their opposition to the institution’s Pride activities.

This is when a large brawl broke out.

Of course, “Antifa” and other left-wing extremists got up in power. As you can see, some significant blows were dealt on each side. Law enforcement officers sought to break up the brawl by yanking opponents apart violently to avoid major injury.

Tensions on the Rise

“Do not engage!” someone cried into a bullhorn. “Move away. We’re not coming to fight, please.”

Perhaps that individual wasn’t there to engage in combat, but many others undoubtedly were. In the following video, a man donning a black helmet appears to stumble into the arms of officers as he walks away from the altercation.

In other footage, a KCAL newscaster can be heard incredulously saying, “Wow. Oh boy!” as he watches the violence escalate.

The Los Angeles Times said the situation was building up prior to the altercation; so it wasn’t altogether unexpected.

City and school authorities were preparing for a potentially tense school board meeting on Tuesday.

Presenters and demonstrators for and against the LGBT+ community were scheduled to debate topics related to the responsibility of schools to educate students about gender and sexuality.

The board will vote to declare June as Pride month at its meeting on Tuesday night, which is set to begin at 5 p.m.

The discussion on LGBTQ+ rights is taking place in the wake of last week’s violent altercation at a North Hollywood primary school regarding an assembly with a Pride theme.

The demonstrators have been present at Glendale school board meetings for the past few weeks. They have been speaking out against the district’s staff members’ treatment of LGBTQ+ content.

Parents Have Had Enough

According to Glendale law enforcement, there have been verbal exchanges between protestors, but no violent altercations. According to officials, the department will be present at the meeting on Tuesday.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.