BREAKING: Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call Is Made Public

The much-awaited video from a police body camera depicting David DePape’s assault on Paul Pelosi has been made available to the public. 

Video Footage

It shows the officers entering the residence, pounding on the door, and the door being answered by someone, though it’s unclear who.

In what can only be described as an argument, Paul Pelosi and David DePape are each depicted brandishing what seems to be a hammer. 

In a matter of seconds, DePape began his assault on Pelosi, with the first strike landing just behind the camera’s view on the doorframe. Pelosi was knocked unconscious and lying on the ground when the police arrived and subdued the assailant. 

The assault on Paul Pelosi was captured by body cam footage, which has now been made public by the authorities and can be seen here. 

They have now made the 911 call available to the public. It is amazing in its own right. When asked if he requires police, fire, or medical assistance, he responds “No” each time. It does not appear to be a situation that requires immediate attention.

Though then, whenever the 911 operator feels there’s nothing improper going on because of his calm approach and replies, she begins to hang up the phone. 

The 911 Call

When Pelosi responds that he is unfamiliar with the individual who is now present in the house, the operator realizes that something is not quite right.

During the course of the conversation, he even turns to the other party and says to the operator, “He believes everything is fine.” 

Pelosi responds with “no, no, no” as she tries to end the call and continues by stating the man wants to wait for his wife to return home and, “he instructed me not to do anything.”

When this occurred, the operator inquired about the address since she was aware there was an issue.

Pelosi adds, “He’s instructing me to put my phone down and do what he says.”

After then, David DePape stated he was a friend and Pelosi reiterated he did not know who DePape was. The operator is aware there is an issue, which is the primary reason why the cops were called.

The initial refusal to reveal these tapes gave rise to conspiracies, which posed the question of what possible purpose there might be to prohibiting the recording of the 911 call from being disseminated.

It became an open issue as to whether there was any kind of a cover-up going on, which simply added fuel to the fire of suspicion and piqued people’s interest more.

The simple fact that groups of news sites were coming together to have the facts revealed disproves assertions that what was being discussed was just paranoid speculation about a conspiracy. 

Additionally, the submission demonstrated a certain degree of development on the side of the news outlets. After indicating for weeks that they were ready to keep quiet about this subject, major news divisions finally started fighting to get the facts disclosed.