BREAKING: Suicide Bomber Causes Explosion Outside of Kabul Airport

The Pentagon has just announced that an explosion caused by a suicide bomber has occurred outside of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. The explosion comes hours after the State Department warned Americans not to be close to any gates of the airport.

As of right now, the casualties are unclear, but witnesses on the ground believe close to 11 people have died and one of those casualties was an infant. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby also reported that three U.S. soldiers were injured in the bombing.

BREAKING: Suicide Bomber Causes Explosion Outside of Kabul Airport

Pictures of the attack have been floating around on social media; they show many Afghans severely injured and covered in blood from the attack. The scene is absolutely horrific and could’ve been prevented if the United States had a real commander in chief at the helm.

Fox News Is Reporting A Second Explosion

Fox News has just reported that there was another explosion outside the gates of the Kabul airport; it’s also unclear how many casualties and injuries have resulted from it. The original blast happened outside of Abbey’s gate and the second blast occurred outside of the Barron Hotel which is just 200 yards outside of the airport.

On Thursday, 169 American citizens were gathered outside of the Barron Hotel; they were later rescued by being airlifted and taken inside of the Kabul airport. As of right now, it’s unknown if any Americans were harmed in the second explosion.

Who’s Behind The Attack?

The State Department sent out an email to Americans residing in Afghanistan and told them to stay away from the airport. The notification had many people wondering why, considering the August 31st troop withdrawal deadline is getting closer and there are still thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

Hours after the announcement, though, two explosions occurred; so it’s obvious that the Pentagon had some intelligence that there was going to be a blast, but didn’t know how and when. The Pentagon spokesperson has not released any information regarding who’s behind the attacks.

However, some insiders within Afghanistan believe ISIS K was behind the attack. Since the Taliban took over and the Afghanistan government has fallen, this has given ISIS K an opportune chance to launch attacks against U.S. troops who are ordered to stay within the Kabul airport compound. Sadly, this puts a major target on them.

Many insiders believe that the attack was from ISIS K, due to the fact that the radical Islamic group has been sworn enemies of the Taliban since 2015. ISIS K is a break-off group of ISIS from the Eastern part of Afghanistan from the providence of Khorasan.

As more details come in, it will be interesting to see what Biden’s reaction will be because so far, his response to everything in Afghanistan has been terrible.