BREAKING: Update on Massive Shooting in Brooklynn, New York

The NYPD reported a major shooting occurred at a Brooklyn subway during the beginning of the workday on Tuesday, amid prime rush hours for employees heading into Manhattan.

The shooting was captured on video by the NYPD.

New York City officials told Fox News at least 13 people were hurt.

According to a spokeswoman for the New York Police Department, a shooting occurred at the 36th St. subway station by Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday.

Neither the number of people who were shot, nor whether any were killed, could be immediately determined by the department. A manhunt is still underway in search of the suspect.

More Details on the Tragic Shooting

A complaint about smoking in the subway lines brought firefighters to the scene, according to Fox News.

When the units arrived, they found a number of victims who were shot, as well as several unexploded gadgets at the same place as the previous incident. It has remained a bustling scene for quite some time now.

NYPD News tweeted at 9:53 a.m. ET that there are no live explosive devices at the 36th St. subway stop in Brooklyn, where multiple folks were killed and several others were wounded.

“Calling @NYPDTips at #800577TIPS is encouraged if you have any information about this crime. It is important that you avoid the surrounding region. When additional information becomes available, it will be made available to the public.”

According to a law enforcement insider, the suspect is identified as a black male who was dressed in an MTA outfit and holding a book bag.  He also had a gas mask on his face, according to the source.

Additional units, particularly police K9s and advanced weapons, have been sent to subway stations throughout New York City, according to a high-ranking police source, who also confirmed terrorism units are heading to the scene.

Victims Taken to Safety

Victims of the incident were taken to various hospitals in the vicinity.

It has also been confirmed by the Education Department that schools in the area have taken precautionary measures.

After numerous people were apparently shot in the Brooklyn subway, a witness detailed the incident through video:

A horrific photo of numerous individuals lying on the blood-stained floors of the station appeared on Twitter, early Tuesday morning. An apparent leg wound on another man was squeezed by one of the men.

In order to halt the bleeding, a crimson piece of clothing was wrapped around the wound. A puddle of blood could be seen close to a second man who was clutching his cell phone, while backpacks and wallets were strewn about the train station platform as well.

One further unverified video uploaded on social media seems to have been recorded by someone who was riding a rail into the station and uploading it.

When the doors were opened, a stampede of people ran out, and smoke could be seen pouring throughout the station.