Buffalo Shooting Prompts Left-wingers to Blame Tucker Carlson

"Tucker Carlson" by Gage Skidmore

The entirety of America was left in shock, following the gruesome Buffalo attack in which 13 people were shot.

There were only three survivors. This led many on the political left to believe the murders were racially charged, given the victims’ ethnicities. 

A press conference was held by the Buffalo Police Department’s commissioner Joseph Gramaglia. He disclosed further details on the crime and is the initiator of the idea that the shooting was a hate crime. 

According to him, the shooter was a white, 18-year-old male who entered the store dressed in tactical combat gear. He was also armed with a rifle, with a camera strapped to his vest to record the attack.

“Tucker Carlson” by Gage Skidmore

Horrible NY shooting leaves 10 dead

After driving for four hours to reach his destination, the armed assailant first opened fire on four of the people who were standing outside the Tops Market store.

After this, he headed inside, only to be shot at by the store’s security guard. 

Unfortunately, the body armor he was wearing was enough to stop any lethal force. He retaliated accordingly, killing the aforementioned security guard, a former police officer, in an exchange of fire. 

After his killing spree, the gunman turned the gun to his own neck.

However, he was quickly talked out of his suicidal intentions by the police officers who arrived on the scene, immediately taking him into custody once the rifle was secured.

The left continues to peddle an anti-Fox News agenda

Authorities believe the crime that 18-year-old Payton Gendron committed was racially motivated.

This is a reference to an alleged manifesto he’d left behind, one “riddled with racist and anti-semitic ideas,” although it’s yet to be confirmed it belongs to him. 

Given the fact that 10 people lost their lives, you’d think a bit more would go into the investigation of available, factual information.

However, the left-leaning crowd follows a tight algorithm when it comes to murders involving African-Americans; they wasted no time in blaming Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. 

In fact, former press secretary for the Clinton administration, Joe Lockhart, took to his Twitter account to voice his opinion.

He claimed the killer used Carlson’s racist talking points to justify taking the lives of 10 innocent people.

This kind of behavior is nothing new for the woke crowd. It’s almost as if they feel no empathy for the people whose deaths are being used as tools to push their twisted narrative. 

The fact still remains the shooting had nothing to do with Tucker Carlson.

Even if the manifesto is confirmed as belonging to Gendron, it has no mention of Carlson anywhere in it. The manifesto actually contains hateful comments directed at Fox News, further disproving any woke theories that may arise. 

In the aforementioned text, the alleged owner claims himself to have been a communist at one time.

However, it also reads that he’d moved to a more mild-moderate authoritarian left in recent times. This is a cold, hard fact the left will ever so dearly leave out of its reports.