Buttigieg Doubly Disrespects America Over Ohio Train Derailment

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg offered double disrespect to the good people of the United States before he finally went to visit East Palestine, Ohio.

This is the site of terrifying toxic pollution after the derailment of a freight three weeks earlier.

Biden Administration Made Ohio Disaster Bigger Disaster

On February 3, the small town of East Palestine, Ohio, 40 miles northwest of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, saw the massive freight train derail nearby and spill toxic chemicals.

The ensuing explosions, fires, and pollution led to the evacuation of the local population for several days as the state authorities of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania stepped in.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration in the face of FEMA surprisingly refused federal relief aid, claiming the disaster had not been caused by a natural calamity.

Bittigieg, the Transportation Secretary, ignored the East Palestine catastrophe for ten days before starting to comment in media interviews, only to falsely blame the entire incident on former President Trump.

He blamed it more specifically, on a rule on train brakes changed in 2018, which turned out to have nothing to do with the crash.

Biden’s abysmal Transportation Secretary finally went to East Palestine, Ohio, but did so only after on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe was hanging out in Europe, with visits to war-torn Ukraine and Poland on the first anniversary since the brutal invasion of the former by Putin’s Russia.

While supporting Ukraine and defeating Russia is certainly in the best interest of the United States, one’s mind boggles at the thought of why Biden failed to pay attention and pay a visit to the embattled people of East Palestine after the disaster occurred several weeks ago.

The dispatching of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to the small Ohio town, however, does not seem to have helped the locals much; it certainly hasn’t helped the image of the Biden administration.

Buttigieg first disrespected the nation by ignoring a blatant public emergency affecting thousands of people. Then, he disrespected the American public a second time as he lashed out at a reporter who tried to ask him questions.

Pete ‘Taking Personal Time,’ as Always

Biden’s Transportation Secretary thought it was a good idea to snap and defend his “personal time” when he was asked a question by a reporter while walking in the street with his husband Chasten.

A 46-second video posted on Twitter by Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer showed how the Transportation Secretary lashed out at her.

An impudent Buttigieg reacted that she should look at the dozen interviews that he had given earlier that day. He insisted the journalist should arrange an interview with him via the department’s press office.

As the reporter persisted, the brief exchange grew somewhat more intense. After a brief back-and-forth, Buttigieg declared he was “taking some personal time” and “walking down the street.”

He then refused to share when exactly he was planning to travel to East Palestine, Ohio. At this point, Buttigieg stopped and decided to ask Taer to take a photo of her.

The reporter commented on Twitter that he seemingly did it because he “didn’t like” her questions – although she was only doing her job.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.