Bye-Bye! Congress Bails Without Solving Border Crisis, Shutdown


As of today, the current government shutdown has become the longest one in American history. Moreover, Congressional members in both the House and the Senate have left Washington D.C. At this time, there is still no resolution in sight, nor is there anything close to a remote agreement on reopening government and funding President Trump’s promised border wall.

Reviewing the Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History

Since December 21, 2018, the United States government shut down after President Trump and Democratic leaders could not reach agreements on bills to keep government open. Leaders Schumer and Pelosi urged the president to sign various pieces of legislation, all of which failed to provide funding for his barrier. Therefore, Trump declined and the government shut down.

Since the closure of the United States government, both President Trump and the Democrats have stood by their positions. Trump maintains that funding for his wall is paramount, while Democrats insist that the president abandon his promise to the American people and sign legislation which does not provide the aforementioned funding. Both the Trump administration and Democrats have also spoken to the press. While the former has noted the perils of illegal immigration, the latter continues to vilify Trump instead of working with him.

As of yesterday, Chad Pergram, a political journalist, reported on the current state of government in light of the ongoing shutdown.

Chad Pergram


Senate is out. House done with business. Longest government shutdown set in stone

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Meanwhile, President Trump urged Democrats to come work with him on implementing effective border security.

Donald J. Trump


Humanitarian Crisis at our Southern Border. I just got back and it is a far worse situation than almost anyone would understand, an invasion! I have been there numerous times – The Democrats, Cryin’ Chuck and Nancy don’t know how bad and dangerous it is for our ENTIRE COUNTRY….

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The Democrats have yet to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Reactions to the Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History

It goes without saying that many people in this country are not pleased about the government shutdown which currently remains underway for what is now the 22nd day. However, the Americans who are most deeply impacted are federal employees, many of whom are mandated to continue their services even without compensation.

The lack of pay has prompted various protests and certain declines in provided services. Many higher-ups who manage federal employees report that workers are worried about their financial futures and desperately in need of pay.
The plight of the federal workers has furthermore become a regular talking point which Democratic leaders have used to criticize President Trump. However, when it’s all said and done, Democrats are not sincere in their supposed concerns for government employees. If they were, they would sit down and work with the president; instead, they continue to stonewall border security and put forth ridiculous legislation which they know will never pass through the Senate, let alone garner a presidential signature.
With the government shutdown officially becoming the longest in American history, it will be interesting to see what happens now.
What are your thoughts on the new record of the current government shutdown? Do you think the Democrats will eventually crack and provide the necessary funding for President Trump’s promised border wall? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below.