California Governor Gavin Newsom Attacks Florida, Gets Wrecked

California Governor Gavin Newsom is a far left politician who despises conservatives, Christians, and the traditional United States.

He made his views crystal clear with his fanatical support of abortion, transgenderism, drug legalization and being soft-on-crime.

Recently, Newsom decided to go after Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, saying DeSantis should face “kidnapping charges” for deporting illegal immigrants to California.

What Newsom didn’t expect is what happened next…

DeSantis Drops Video

Newsom has sponsored legislation to turn California into a state where women can come get no-questions-asked abortions. He’s also made his state a place kids can get transgender surgery without parental consent.

Newsom now decided to go after DeSantis for putting 16 illegals on a plane from Florida and deporting them to California, saying this is “kidnapping.”

In response, DeSantis dropped a video showing migrants were put on a plane to California by choice and were happy with it.

‘Kidnapping Charges’?

Newsom’s claim that “kidnapping charges” should be forthcoming is absurd. These illegals signed permission to go on the flight to Sacramento and happily went there.

In fact, Florida has done a lot to try to peacefully resolve the border crisis and protect its state from the influx of illegals and America as a whole.

Maybe if Biden would do his job and enforce basic US law, DeSantis wouldn’t have to keep handling the very basics of protecting America.

Newsom is a complete fool for thinking he would catch DeSantis out on this one. It shows his actual naivety, but it also shows something else.

The left and people like Newsom are playing to very simple left-wing people who don’t care about what’s true; that’s why they constantly say such bizarre and untrue things.

The Bottom Line

Why does Newsom hate immigrants so much? Doesn’t he want more in his state or is he starting to agree with the right that unrestricted open immigration isn’t always good?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.