California Offering Reparations for Slavery to the Black Communities!

In typical woke fashion, California is paving the way for other lib-friendly states with its divisive agenda. This time, it’s in the form of reparations for slavery, in a state that never allowed it to begin with.

This raised a number of questions about Newsom’s plans for this year’s budget, as California is already facing an overwhelming deficit, which can’t possibly handle this expensive of a program.

Straight out of a Chapelle’s show skit

The task force in charge of the program, aptly named the California Reparations Task Force, was founded in 2020. They’re planning on handing out almost $360k to every black person in California, bringing the total cost to around $640 billion.

Despite all their enthusiasm about this absolutely pointless project, it remains unclear how California plans to make these payments, especially considering the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, announced that 2023 will come with a $22.5 billion budget deficit.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the math simply doesn’t add up here. If Newsom were to roll the project out right now, he’d practically be spending all of the state’s money on something to satisfy the left-leaning snowflakes.

What’s worse is these numbers signal a drastic change in direction for California. It was in a budget surplus of over $100 billion last year, due to the federal COVID relief funds and an overall surge in capital gains.

Newsom can’t handle some basic math

Essentially, the taxpayers will once again be covering the expenses of the California elite’s vanity projects. While one could argue they could just raise the taxes on the wealthy, it’s proven to be ineffective in the state, where tax revenues have been on a downward trend.

To make matters worse, California is on top of the list for states with the highest top income tax rate, currently sitting at around 13.3%, and the top 0.5th percentile is practically in charge of funding the state’s income tax.

The current state of affairs in Silicon Valley isn’t exactly helping either. Dozens of companies are laying off hundreds of employees and cutting bonuses, due to fears of an incoming recession in the coming fiscal year.

To no one’s surprise, neither the task force nor Newsom responded to inquiries about the reparations project. Information from the state’s Justice Department officials revealed the law that instated the task force didn’t call for the identification of funding sources.

Thankfully, we’ve got some time until the task force actually comes into play.

The final report with the official recommendations is due on July 1st when the state legislature will decide whether the measures will be implemented or not. If the former happens to be the case, it will be sent off to Newsom’s office for signing.

Something like this wasn’t unexpected from California, but even some black activists are against the measures, arguing it’s an insane plan that would run the state’s already crumbling budget into the ground.