California School Official in Hot Water After Comments About Conservatives

In America today, the education system is overwhelmingly dominated by leftists. The end result of this is now students being subjected to left-wing ideologies that don’t have any place in the classrooms.

Teachers are responsible for educating students, not trying to cram political ideologies like Marxism or critical race theory down their throats. Unfortunately, there’s no sign that efforts of left-wing indoctrination will wane anytime soon.

In fact, new developments from Fox News reveal that leftism in the education system is getting worse. One of the latest examples of this deals with outright hostility against conservatives.

Declaring War on Conservative Educators

A school district administrator in Bakersfield, California had a cushy, reliable job. However, he’s now being sued by another school official over comments he made about conservatives.

More specially, this administrator went on the record to argue that any conservative opposing diversity, education, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives ought to be escorted to the “slaughterhouse.”

As a result of this rhetoric, he’s now facing litigation which claims that Bakersfield professor Daymon Johnson had his First Amendment rights violated. Johnson furthermore maintains that he was personally maligned after speaking out about his political opinions.

Also listed as a defendant in this lawsuit is the entire Kern Community College District.

Inappropriate and Unacceptable

It goes without saying that no educator should be openly speaking of taking conservatives to the slaughterhouse. Likewise, political ideologies such as DEI have no place in classrooms where students are supposed to be learning.

Currently, the lawsuit filed with Johnson as the plaintiff is still working its way through the court system. Nevertheless, what transpired at the Kern Community College District may very well serve as a cautionary tale against educators who are thinking of making similar remarks.

Finally, colleges and other educational facilities would do well to mind who they’re hiring.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.