California Teacher Lands in Hot Water For Doing the Unthinkable

In this country, the type of content that children are being exposed to continues to be a problem. Some schools have made it clear that they don’t have an issue with exposing the youth to sexual content, critical race theory, and more.

Unfortunately, when parents speak out about these issues, they’re unfairly deemed as “domestic terrorists” by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Right now, there seems to be a growing tug-of-war between parents who want to protect their kids and various education systems that won’t accept the feedback.

In the midst of all this controversy, one California teacher has been put on leave, due to her decision to discuss graphic sexual details with her students, according to the New York Post.

No Excuse For This

Before being put on leave, Judy Rehburg worked at El Dorado High School, teaching environmental science and physiology.

However, the California instructor landed herself in trouble when word got out that she was informing her students about where to find sex toys and the extent to which prostate impacts pleasure during sexual activity.

Rehburg’s chickens came home to roost after she was secretly recorded talking about these matters and parents raised issue with it to the school.

Right now, the school district maintains that an investigation into this teacher is ongoing.

Not a Good Sign

If one teacher in California is having these kinds of inappropriate discussions with her students, it begs to question what else may be happening that parents haven’t yet been made aware of.

At the end of the day, parents absolutely have the right to speak up and make notes about their kids’ education. They are also entitled to give feedback to various school districts about what they do and do not want their children to be exposed to.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.