Can Trump Turn it Around | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 920


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As a decadent establishment quails before the radicals, Trump slumps – but it’s not too late.

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0:13 – Intro
2:44 – Top Comment
3:04 – The Big Idea: Battered Conservative Syndrome
9:33 – Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Law
13:40 – Press Tries To Get Pence To Say “Black Lives Matter”
17:40 – NYT’s Charles Blow Supports Tearing Down Statues Of George Washington
21:15 – Nikole Hannah-Jones Writes Letter Hating White People
26:49 – Donald Trump Speaking to Hannity – Discusses Attacking The Media
32:18 – Are Republicans Too Afraid Of The Media?
42:12 – It is OK To Love Western Culture

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