Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Till It’s Safe To Hate Each Other Again)


We are in the midst of a crisis that threatens people’s physical and financial health, not to mention the country’s, and still many in politics are looking to score cheap points against their political opponents. Can’t we take a break from that, at least for a few days?

Government is about to pass something that will likely be the most important piece of legislation in the country’s history and we have a media and a party preferring to parrot Chinese communist talking points and blame the administration to not having a test for 330 million Americans when we don’t need a test for 330 million Americans and the virus didn’t exist a few weeks ago. Unless you have a time machine, playing this game now makes no sense when the focus should be on getting through this as best we can. There will be plenty of time for the blame game later, how about being Americans right now? We get into it all with Brian Darling.

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