Capitol Police Will Arrest Maskless Staff and Aides

All staff and visitors who step foot in the Capitol Building who don’t have a mask could be arrested. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger stated all aides, visitors and staff must wear a mask and if they don’t, then they’ll receive a warning to put on a mask.

If they continue to refuse to wear a mask, they’ll be asked to leave the Capitol Building. Manger then said if anyone refuses to leave the building for not wearing a mask, then that person will then be arrested for trespassing.

According to The Hill, the new policy is not just being carried out by the Capitol Police Chief, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also pushing the new mask mandate put in place by the House physician.

Although lawmakers in the House must put on a mask, they will not be subject to arrest by Capitol police officers; instead if a lawmaker is seen without a mask, they will be referred to the House Sergeant at Arms.

GOP Lawmakers Protested The Mask Mandate

A large group of Republican representatives protested in the Capitol Building maskless after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a mask mandate for all House Representatives. 

To show their disapproval of Pelosi’s authoritarian mandate, over 40 GOP lawmakers walked to the Senate side of the Capitol Building since no mask mandate is in place on the Senate side of the Capitol building.

Several high profile representatives like Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Greene, Madison Cawthorne, Chip Roy, and many others made their way on the Senate floor to show their frustration with the new mask mandate.

Chip Roy in particular made a good point; he said instead of focusing on the mass illegal immigrants entering our country that are potentially spreading COVID-19, House Democrats are too busy playing “footsies” with mask mandates.

In a separate incident, someone in the House offered Rep. Boebert a mask from a Democrat’s staffer; in return, Rep. Boebert threw it on the ground to show she is refusing to play nice with mask enforcers.

Vaccination Mandate For All Federal Workers

We are really going backwards under the Biden administration and it’s quite obvious. The CDC previously lifted mask mandates, but now they have now announced that all people, including those who are vaccinated, need to wear a mask.

That’s not all though; the Biden adminstartion is now issuing a vaccination mandate that will require all federal workers to be vaccinated. If anyone refuses to get vaccinated, they will have to wear masks, take COVID-19 tests daily, and social distance at their jobs.

Under the Trump administration, vaccination mandates were totally off the table, due to the vaccine being labeled as an EUA.