Career Abortionist Reveals All the Horrific Acts He Committed

These days, it’s not uncommon to see a group of women protesting the recent overturn of abortion laws that the Supreme Court conducted.

In fact, almost every single one of these protests gets incredible amounts of media coverage. No one even bothers to show the dark side of abortion laws and what actually goes on behind closed doors.

The horrors of abortion explained

For all he’d done, Warren Hern should be locked up for the rest of his life. However, he decided to show the world just what career abortionists will do, as long as they’re paid; he’s even written a book on the topic.

In it, he explained all the horrendous things Democrats want to legalize, as well as all the things he was forced to do as an abortionist himself.

If you look at his work history, you’ll find that Warren is one of the better-known abortionists in the country; although it’s an insult to call him a revolutionary in the field.

He’s notorious for performing extremely late-term abortions in his clinic which he’d founded all the way back in 1973. This helped hundreds of thousands of women have abortions.

A man like this shouldn’t even be given a platform, let alone a license to commit these horrific acts. With him still walking free, the Roe v. Wade overturn was practically a godsend.

Ever since he reared his ugly face on the scene, he’d been part of many investigations and articles on his work, none of which were able to shut down his murderous clinic.

Being pro-choice doesn’t absolve you of killing your child

In fact, Democrats hail him as some sort of a hero, with a Guardian piece from 2010 portraying him as a victim of pro-life protesters, even though those protesting his work were on point.

Through his clinic, American women were allowed to make late-term abortions for reasons that would never fly in a state with actual concern for the nation’s youngest generations.

From dwarfism to other non-fatal defects, Warren helped abort children who were already able to be classified as human beings; he walked away unscathed every time an angry mob demanded that he turn himself in.

He even created his own oppression card, claiming he finds the word abortionist offensive and he wishes people would refer to him as something that didn’t have similar connotations to other racially-charged words in the American language.

Even though changes were made and 14 states now ban almost every form of abortion, Warren is allowed to continue operations in Colorado.

Europe, the supposed “safe haven” for the liberals, has more restrictive abortion laws than some blue states in the US. It only goes to show just how detached from reality the Democrats can be.

At the end of the day, murdering children is murdering children. It should be treated as such, regardless of if it was done by a medical professional or a deranged person.