Cartel Shoots 20+ Rounds Over US-Mexico Border, Nearly Missing Border Agents

Close to 20 shots (believed to come from a machine gun of cartel members) were fired on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande river. The shots nearly missed border agents on patrol.

Moreover, the shooting occurred in El Paso’s lower valley; as of right now, no arrests have been made and the investigation is now being conducted by the FBI.

The shooting occurred just weeks after Border Patrol agents captured more human smugglers and blocked off some routes. It appears the cartels didn’t take well to the news and are now retaliating.

Border Patrol agents did not fire back at the suspect; just imagine if they did and one of the cartel members were killed. The left would more than likely make t-shirts of the cartel shooter, acting as if he were a saint who never committed any crimes in his life.

Kamala Harris Goes Missing

Kamala Harris recently skipped US-Mexico border security meetings to shoot a photo-op in New Jersey instead. In March, Harris was appointed by Biden to spearhead the border crisis.

Instead of taking responsibility for the border, Harris ran away from it to appease Democrats who have an ‘everybody-come-over-and-destroy-our-economy-and-national-security’ approach to immigration.

Fox News reported Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Biden’s Homeland Security secretary made the meeting; yet, Harris was a no show, instead attending a vaccination site.

In June, Harris did take a trip to El Paso, but was several hours away from the actual border. Many criticized her for avoiding the actual site where human smuggling takes place.

Trump, unlike Harris, visited the actual border. Trump then held a press conference exactly where there is a big hole in the gap of the border wall to showcase what still has to get done in order for our nation to have more security.

Go to any other nation in the world, cross one of their borders illegally, and see how their country arrests you. However, in America, according to Democrats, we must not only let illegal immigrants in, but also house them, pay for their schooling, and give them stimulus checks.

If The Trend Continues, America Will Be in Trouble

Over the last month, Border Patrol agents had over 200,000 encounters with illegal immigrants and it’s all because of Biden’s complete inability to stand up for America’s safety.

Thousands of undocumented immigrants are pouring through the border; both China and Russia know the southern border is America’s weak spot.

If we can’t even protect our southern border, how could we protect the entire country if a major war were to break out? We have the best military in the world, but we do not have the best leadership. This could cause some major problems if Trump doesn’t come back soon.