Chicago University Bans Usage of the Word “Obesity”

"Le Penseur" by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

The woke crowd strikes once again, having convinced certain academics that the word “obesity” has a racist connotation and should be redacted from dictionaries, as a means of showing respect to “larger body people.”

The education establishment in question, the University of Illinois Chicago, followed this notion by releasing a public health brief.

The brief says weight stigma and “fatphobia” have been linked to racism.

“Food addiction” by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Woke “experts” find link between body shaming, racism

Naturally, fatphobia, in and of itself, shouldn’t be a real term.

Outside of a small, isolated group of people whose weight is linked to actual health issues, the rest are asking the world shut their eyes and pretend these individuals aren’t endangering their own lives.

As is the norm, the left claims public health’s focus on preventing obesity attracted a lot of negative attention to “people with larger bodies,” which is what we’re calling morbidly obese people now.

In fact, it’s the only socially acceptable term at the time.

Best believe you’ll be in for quite the rollercoaster, should you wrongly address one of these gargantuan individuals on a social media platform, especially Twitter.

The brief explains the approach to handling obesity is “harmful,” due to the focus being on weight loss.

It then shifts the narrative towards the “discrimination borne of settlers” that drove Native Americans off their land and forced Black and Hispanic workers to farm this “stolen land.”

The US is still the most obese country

It really takes a reaching expert to link obesity to the oppression of Native Americans and black communities throughout American history.

It’s likely not the last time the left will come up with these ridiculous combinations.

The brief continues, claiming an alternative to “obesity” must be discovered.

Apparently, the term caused significant damage to large-bodied people over the years, reiterating the idea that weight stigma must be considered a social justice issue.

This is a bit harder to take seriously if we take into account the US is the most obese country in the western world.

40% of Americans or 138 million are overweight, closely followed by New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, each with around 30%.

However, the left won’t be happy to hear their beloved President Biden is also looking to tackle the issue.

He has already set goals for improving physical activity and reducing diseases like Type 2 diabetes, which has been linked to dietary options in the past.

Additionally, doctors have found Type 2 diabetes is more prominent in minority groups, with Black and Latino Americans six times more likely to contract the disease than white individuals.

Sadly, “facts don’t care about your feelings“ is a phrase often ignored by the radical left. They claim the society that once favored larger bodies was eradicated due to racism and eugenics.