China Capable of Stopping Launch of US Nukes With Spying Huawei Devices, FBI Finds

Communist China may now be able to practically control whether the United States is even able to launch its nuclear weapons in the event of a nuclear war.

That is because of cheap Chinese spying equipment made by Huawei and capable of intercepting top-secret US military communications, the FBI found in an absolutely shocking report.

Destroy America or Enable Russia to Do So?

America’s ability to strike back at another nuclear power is of the utmost importance for the safety, security and survival of the United States and the entire free world.

That is the so called doctrine of MAD – “Mutually Assured Destruction” – which has, for 70 years now, kept the communist Russian and Chinese nukes at bay.

Yet, in the past couple of years, under the leadership of its own expansionist-minded dictator, Xi Jinping, China started to develop nuclear silos for about 1,000 additional nukes.

A report of the FBI now revealed by CNN shows that communist China could be able to intercept and even disable critical US military communications, including for the launch of nuclear missiles.

This is all thanks to cheap telecommunications equipment made by Chinese producers Huawei and installed on American cell phone towers.

By being able to mess with the communications of the US Strategic Command, the Chinese may be able to win a nuclear war on a technicality and destroy the US without getting hit.

The FBI investigation in question was looking at Chinese purchases of American land located close to critical US military infrastructure, as well as the installation of Huawei devices on cell phone towers across the US.

Nothing Has Been Done For Two Years

The CNN report about the FBI investigation is based on interviews with 12 US intelligence officials, current and former, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

John Lenkart, a former senior agent of the FBI, is quoted as saying the feds started to investigate Huawei’s business activities in the US over financial concerns.

They discovered Chinese deals in the US “made no sense” from an economic, return-on-investment standpoint. This, however, led to the establishment of much worse counterintelligence concerns.

The FBI investigators examined the Huawei equipment and found it could disrupt, not just recognize, “DOD-spectrum communications” used by the US military, despite being certified as safe by the Federal Communications Commission.

The FBI investigation was so secret that in 2017 – 2019, it ran without the knowledge of even some very senior officials in the White House and other government bodies.

Once it was revealed internally, many US government officials turned from “doves into hawks.” In the fall of 2019, the FCC started banning Chinese-made equipment for small US telecoms.

Apparently, the FBI investigation into the Huawei tech was instrumental in the 2020 decision of Congress to allocate $1.9 billion in federal funding for the removal of cellular technology made by Huawei and another Chinese producer, ZTE, from rural parts of the US.

The problem, however, is that it has been two years since then. None of the dangerous Chinese spy technology has been uninstalled; telecom companies in rural areas are still awaiting federal reimbursements.

About 24,000 pieces of communist Chinese telecommunications equipment should be removed, based on applications received by the FCC.

However, as of July 15, the FCC said an additional $3 billion is needed in order to reimburse all the eligible telecoms.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.