China Has Created an AI Prosecutor

A group of researchers in China have created an AI (artificial intelligence) prosecutor that operates like something you would see in a science fiction movie.

According to the South China Morning Post, the shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate has created a machine that is able to charge people with crimes by using AI technology.

The engineers behind the technology have stated the AI prosecutor machine is 97% accurate; however, many people are concerned the 3% window of inaccuracy could damage a person’s reputation or life forever.

More Details on the New Technology

The AI prosecutor can identify crimes and even press charges against citizens. Researchers programmed the machine to be able to report over 1,000 traits that are linked to crimes.

The AI prosecutor already tested crimes involving gambling, theft, reckless driving, and more. Many engineers claim programmers of the AI prosecutor program it in such a way that it will target certain ethnic groups more than others.

Advocates against the new technology say a society where AI is a prosecutor is a society where justice is literally being decided by computers. Needless to say, this is a slippery slope.

China’s Social Credit Score

China is also on the verge of rolling out a mass social credit score system that ranks citizens based on their everyday activities.

The CCP has been creating a moral ranking program that uses surveillance in order to measure a person’s actions; it then ranks that person, based on their decision-making.

The ranking systems are measured by the Chinese court system, China’s economic team, their National Bank, and the People’s Bank of China.

A person’s social credit score could be lowered by posting “fake news” on the internet, smoking in non-smoking spots, buying too many video games, and even bad driving.

A low social credit score could result in a person being banned from taking flights, staying at five-star hotels, or sitting in a high-class part of a train.

Another bizarre punishment is the CCP will make sure your internet access becomes extremely slow if you have a low social credit score.

Other punishments include denial of entry to specific universities, denied access to dog ownership, and even the inability to have a proper job.

It’s almost as if China is creating a nightmare video game. At the end of the day, the rules are to obey the CCP at all costs. If you are the model CCP citizen, you will be rewarded.

However, if you aren’t completely brainwashed by the CCP’s commands, then you will become a second-class citizen.

Hopefully, this garbage manipulative system gets demolished before it starts to spread to other nations across the world. China’s grasp on new technology is being used for evil instead of good.