China Hurls Vicious Abuse at United States Over Putin’s Ukraine War

Communist China has hurled vicious accusations and offenses at America for doing the right thing and supporting Ukraine, including claiming the United States was “profiting” from the war.

Chinese Angry after Blinken’s Comments

The bizarre and completely false Chinese accusations against the US came just as the world is about to mark the one-year point since Putin sent hundreds of thousands of troops to invade Ukraine, a pro-western, democratic nation.

The Ukrainians resisted the invasion ferociously, inflicting tremendous losses upon the invaders in terms of both equipment and manpower, largely thanks to the military air received from the United States and other western nations.

Since the start of the war, Communist China has been abstaining from openly coming to Russia’s aid directly. Chinese companies and banks have been scared of the prospect of falling under US sanctions.

However, there have been reports that China is aiding Putin’s bloodthirsty dictatorship at least with some supplies.

Last weekend, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in a CBS News interview, said the US government had information Beijing was seriously mulling starting to supply Russia with weapons and ammunition.

Putin’s failed invasion of Ukraine may have been viewed particularly painfully by China’s fellow dictator Xi Jinping and the leadership of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

They had been gearing up for an invasion and conquest of Taiwan, the democratic island that Beijing claims as its province.

Beijing and Moscow Now Have the Same Talking Points

The Chinese government burst out in a bout of accusations against America when, earlier this week Wang Wenbin, the spokesman of China’s Foreign Ministry, tried to “turn the tables,” Fox News reported.

Wang insisted China was not going to give Russia lethal military supplies, but the US defense industry was making lots of money from the Russia – Ukraine war, as it did during the war in Afghanistan.

Wang reacted to a reporter’s question which cited US Secretary of State Blinken’s warning that China would face “consequences” if it started to aid Russia militarily.

The Chinese Communist operative raged about America’s “finger-pointing” and “coercion” with respect to the “China-Russia relations.” He argued the United States should be reflecting on its own actions, instead of “fanning the flames” of the war or just “profiting from it.”

Wang also insisted the US should be supporting Chinese attempts to promote peace talks.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman used talking points that the Putin regime and the communist regime in Beijing apparently share. He claimed America wanted the war in Ukraine to be fought “till the last Ukrainian” – just like it fought the Afghanistan war “to the last Afghan.”

The ludicrous proposition of China’s official senior diplomat came after earlier this week when President Joe Biden paid a surprise visit to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and then made a landmark speech in Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

Meanwhile, Putin was busy staging a Moscow performance and making a 90-minute Federal Assembly speech that was solely dedicated to bashing the West with vicious lies or half-truths.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.