China Now Invading US Through Mexican Border, Alarming Data Reveals

Communist China, America’s number one current enemy and probably the most behemoth power competitor of all time, is shrewdly taking advantage of the illegal immigrant invasion of the United States.

Saboteurs for War with China

The radical-left Biden regime already allowed close to seven million illegal immigrants to waltz into the United States – including some two million gotaways.

It is only natural that foreign powers, communists, Islamists, and other kinds of terrorists would eagerly take advantage of the situation.

Against that backdrop, a foreign policy expert is revealing a highly frightening trend – single, male, military-age nationals of China are also joining in the invasion of the United States through the border with Mexico, Fox Business reports.

What is more, they are doing so “at alarming rates,” according to Gordon Chang, a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute.

Chang described the individuals in question as “packs of Chinese males,” who also happen to pretend not to speak English.

He then hypothesized these were nothing but “saboteurs” who will become active on the very first day a war between the US and China might break out.

300% Spike

Chang’s warning comes after last week when GOP Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee said more than 10,000 Chinese nationals were apprehended at the US-Mexico border in the 2023 fiscal year.

He said there was a “massive 300% increase” in that number. FY 2023, which ends on September 30, has several more months to go.

In his comments, Chang said while some Chinese migrants might indeed be running away from communism, others certainly came to the US “with bad intentions.”

He added the bad ones could commit sabotage, commit assassinations, detonate bombs, or start wildfires. Against that backdrop, Sleepy Joe’s administration is completely ignoring that development, the foreign policy expert noted.

His warnings bode nothing good for the United States, as a war with Communist China might occur at any point in the near future.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.