China Warns Kevin McCarthy Not to Repeat Pelosi’s Mistake

China urged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to postpone his travel to Taiwan, fearing a repeat of the conflict that erupted when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, McCarthy’s predecessor, visited the democratically-run territory by herself last year.

China Warns the U.S.

This warning has been issued following reports that the Pentagon is planning to arrange a visit for this Spring.

In reference to Beijing’s view that both parties are a part of the same nation, Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry, said they urge certain persons in the US to firmly adhere to the “One China” concept.

Additionally, Mao advised them to avoid doing anything that flouted the fundamental principles of international relations.

Mao was replying to a query regarding a story from the previous week that the California Republican was considering a trip to Taiwan, though she refrained from using McCarthy’s name. She made no mention of what China might do in reaction to such a visit.

In August, when Pelosi made history by visiting Taiwan for the first time as Speaker of the House in 25 years, the People’s Liberation Army conducted extraordinary drills throughout the island and launched rockets over Taipei.

McCarthy had at the time promised to take his own visit to the island if Republicans took back the House of Representatives last year.

The news comes after a four-star Air Force warned Americans that the United States could be fighting a war with China within the next two years.

Although President Joe Biden and his counterpart Xi Jinping had their first face-to-face encounter in November, communications between the United States and China indeed stabilized.

However, Beijing has stated several times that it will not budge on Taiwan’s sovereignty. As part of an agreement to restore relations with Beijing, which considers Taiwan a part of its own country, Washington severed diplomatic ties with Taipei more than forty years ago.

Mao dodged a question regarding an internal document from a US Air Force general that advised of the necessity to get ready for war with China in 2025.

According to NBC News on Friday, Air Mobility Command Chief General Mike Minihan stated in an internal document that he had a gut sense a battle over Taiwan will break out in the next two years.

China Refuses to Give Up Force

In order to bring the two sides together, Mao emphasized China would never pledge to give up the application of force, but added Beijing intends to settle differences over the island amicably.

China conducted a military drill earlier in the month, deploying 28 military aircraft over the Taiwan Strait. Numerous other jets were reportedly detected, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, which prompted Taiwan to prepare its own naval and air reaction.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.