China’s Threat to America Goes ‘Generational’

The aggressive threat that Communist China is posing to the United States has been redefined by the Biden administration as “generational.”

US Must Stop China from Reshaping the World

The new epithet to describe the security and power “challenge” that China has increasingly directed toward America comes amid steady diplomatic tensions with Beijing.

It comes after the US Air Force had to shoot down a Chinese spying balloon that floated over the entire North American continent.

Amid powerful GOP criticism of Biden’s handling of China, his Defense Secretary has now sent out a new memo to the US military, declaring Beijing’s aggression is growing and it presents nothing short of a “generational challenge,” The Epoch Times reported.

In the memo, Lloyd Austin tells the American armed forces that they must be ready to tackle China at any moment to prevent its totalitarian dictatorship from shaping the world to its liking.

The Defense Secretary insisted Communist China must be stopped in its attempt to force the global community to succumb to its dictatorial demands. Austin then declared the US Department of Defense was going to “rise to meet” China’s “generational challenge.”

He added that the US military should go for “integrated deterrence” which would involve total coordination among “all war-fighting domains,” while creating “complex dilemmas” for America’s enemies.

Tackling Double Threat of Communist China, Putin’s Russia

The report notes that the US National Defense Strategy characterizes Communist China as America’s “pacing challenge.” It is the only power in the world that has both the capacity and the will to try to change the “rules-based international order.”

Further in his memo, Defense Secretary Austin declared the US military had to boost its posture in the region of the Indo-Pacific, including by working with America’s allies, so it could deter Beijing’s aggression against Taiwan and elsewhere.

Austin argued that the implementation of the US strategy to beat back China also involved “confronting the acute threat” that stems from the war Putin’s Russia is waging against Ukraine.

Russia and China have had a long-lasting and close partnership, short of an outright military alliance, with the Defense Secretary stating the US should “manage the escalation” risk from Putin’s war against Ukraine, which is already in its second year.

Austin also emphasized Taiwan, the self-ruling island which is an informal US ally and that China, under its current dictator President Xi Jinping, is claiming and seeking to “reunify” with, by force if needed.

The report notes the US already increased its access to the Philippines’ military bases and boosted American troop rotations and exercises with Japan and Australia, all in order to counter China’s expansion in the Indo-Pacific.

In his memo, Lloyd Austin vowed that America would keep training and arming Taiwan to deter Beijing from trying to conquer it.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.